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How To Know If Your Girlfriend Wants To Do Sex With You

How To Know If Your Girlfriend Wants To Do Sex With You


If I speak honestly, to have sex is always a key of better and healthy relationship. If you have love but no sex life, there comes a time when a particular relationship starts looking a kind of boring and you both start escaping from each other. In order to prevent this from happening, we always have to keep a clue about what our partner needs from us. Talking about most of the girls, they never speak directly that they want to get physical with you but instead just give you clues about it. If you are smart enough, you are sure to understand their intentions, but if you are not able to do so, their desires get suppressed and they get fed up with a relationship. In order to adjudge if your girlfriend wants to have sex or not with you, you can bring the following steps in use:-

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 How To Know If Your Girlfriend Wants To Do Sex With You

How To Know If Your Girlfriend Wants To Do Sex With You

1. Is she teasing you:-

A woman will pinch you, she will touch your private part or she will make you touch one of her body parts when she wishes to make a green signal for you to grab her in your arms and foreplay with her like anything. A good foreplay should always follow a wild sex and thus you should never let this green signal go out of your reach.

2. The Signs of Objection:-

Some girls are ok when you kiss them, but they start showing objection in various forms when they think you are getting beyond your limits. i.e. suppose you were kissing your girlfriend in your car, but then all of a sudden you started removing her shirt or top or removing her bra to foreplay with her and she starts pushing you backwards, this is the time when you should stop and ask her if she is ready or else you can put your relationship on the verge of its end.

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3. The Dirty Looks:-

Some girlfriends often give dirty looks in order to drive you nuts crazy when they are in a mood of having sex. For example, if your girlfriend is in an extra short attire standing in front of you, there are most chances that she wishes to seduce you for having sex with her.

4. Signs of Closeness:-

Signs of her closeness with you can also often help you decide if she is interested in having sex with you or not. Suppose if she is sitting in your lap, kissing your chest and face like anything, it is for sure the sign that she has become hot and you should not waste your time in having sex with her now.

5. She will like to awake Your Sexual Senses Instead of speaking anything:-

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Women often try to awake our sexual senses instead of speaking anything. She will wear a transparent top or a bra revealing top or they will even go braless to drive you nuts crazy. Sometimes she will talk about the way other couples perform sex or get intimate with each other and the way she talks with you can also often help you to judge her desires.


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