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6 Ways to Getting Rid of Soft Corns on Toes

Get Rid of Corns on Toes


Corn can be taken as a formation that takes place on the toes of an individual. These look like the patches off hard and dead skin which are often irritating and painful. These generally form on the surfaces of toes, including the fingers and toes. If you are experiencing corns at the areas of your feet, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here so as to get rid of them in a better way.

6 Ways to Getting Rid of Soft Corns on Toes Fast

6 Ways to Getting Rid of Soft Corns on Toes Fast

1. Mix Some Baking Soda in Water and apply it:-

First of all, go for the normal inspection of the affected area and then prepare a mixture with one portion of baking soda and two portions of water. Apply this solution daily on the affected site with corns and you will see that the corns are getting suppressed day by day.

2. Wash and Pat Dry Your Feet daily:-

First of all wash your feet with warm water that should not be boiled but warm. After washing your feet, pat dry the area using dry cotton balls or towel and then massage the area with oils like castor oil, hot coconut oil etc. Some mixture of oils or ointments can be applied afterwards.

3. Apply Petroleum Jelly So As To Get Rid Of Dryness:-

Corns are associated with dry dead skin and thus this dryness can be combated maintaining moisture in the affected area that you may achieve making usage of some cream or petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly is a bit creamy type and is easy to be applied as well. Simply dip your finger in the jelly and make use of it on the affected area.

4. Corn Treatment Creams:-

There are some corn treatment creams that come readily available in the markets these days. Simply reach the medication store that is nearest to you and ask them a remedial ointment for the treatment of corns. Apply these formulations daily on the affected area and you will watch corns disappearing soon.

5. Application of Corn Starch:-

Corn starch may prove to be an awesome remedy in case you are experiencing corns. You may also choose to apply neem tree extract by either pinching off some leaves from neem tree and then juicing them up to obtain the extract and applying it on skin or you may even choose to freeze up these corns by going for the ice cool treatment. Simply rub some ice against the affected site daily and corns will get freeze and will get diminished this way.

6. Application of  Vinegar and Disinfectants:-

Corns are associated with infections and you need to make usage of some disinfectant liquid daily so as to make yourself away of these infections. The home based vinegar that you make usage of while in the kitchen can also prove to be a great friend of yours regarding this purpose. Simply dilute some portion of it with water and apply it daily on the affected site after dipping it in the dry cotton balls so as to get benefited.


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