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6 Steps to Getting Rid of Mosquitoes Proof Your Home

How To Mosquito Proof Your Home


These days the cases of fevers like dengue, malaria, chickengunia are increasing day by day. Most of such fevers are caused by mosquitoes. In order to make yourself free from the risk of such mosquito generated diseases, It is but obvious that an individual should try approaches which can make him get rid of such mosquitoes as else the disease may make them really weak, prone to headache, fever, vomiting and in some cases can even result in a low count of blood platelets and even death because of weakness. In order to make your home a mosquito proof home, you can bring the following steps in use:-

6 Steps to Getting Rid of Mosquitoes Proof Your Home

6 Steps to Getting Rid of Mosquitoes Proof Your Home

1. Use Mosquito Net:-

If you are sleeping outside the house or on the rooftop, you can use a mosquito net with your bed/sleeping place. A mosquito net can be easily affixed to any sleeping bed with the help of four bamboo sticks. It never allows even a single mosquito to enter your sleeping place and creates a kind of shield against mosquitoes while still allowing the air to pass through tiny holes.

2. Spraying of Mosquito Repellent Smoke:-

There are also a variety of mosquito repellent sprays and smoke generating substitutes available in the market which can be purchased in order to sprinkle them in the surroundings. Once you spray such products in your home or surroundings, no mosquito will prefer to live in your area as it would be life threatening for them.

3. Mosquito Repellent Noise Device:-

Yesterday, I was watching an online/tele shopping based TV channel which was showing an electronic mosquito repellent device. This device was based on sound generation and they were saying that the sound this device generated was pleasant and bearable for our ears but not for the mosquitoes. You can find many other such substitutes for repelling mosquitoes from your house from any online/offline store.”

4. Use Mosquito Repellent Cream:-

Mosquito repellent creams like Odomos etc. can also be bought in use to repel mosquitoes against skin and thus you can bring one home for yourself. Such creams are easily available on every medical and cosmetics store and one can easily purchase them at cheaper prices.

5. Use Mats and Coils:-

Electric bulb/machine based mats are also available in the market these days, which can be bought in use to kill mosquitoes effectively. Mosquito repellent coils are also available which one lit like an incense stick kills all the mosquitoes. These days a new product with name “fast card” is also available from Good Knight Company, which serves to kill all the mosquitoes within a span of just a few minutes.

6. Cover up Your Body in A Proper Way:-

If none of these mosquito repelling options are available to you, it is best to keep yourself covered with some piece of cloth or wear full sleeve clothes so that mosquitoes may not be able to bite you. Also prefer not to keep water collected in the open. Keep spraying kerosene oil in your desert water cooler as it kills the mosquito larvae if they are there in the water stored in your desert water cooler.


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