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6 Steps For Getting Rid of Gnats in The House

Steps For Getting Rid of Gnats in The House


Gnats look like the tiny blackish dot like creatures or you may say insects that often invade your houses. These are generally the flies what we call as gnats; these may be the fungus gnats or the simple gnats or maybe the fruit flies. People seem to be quiet irritated when these flies invade the premises of their houses. The same was with my aunt’s case. When these creatures invaded the kitchen, she got restless and applied major tricks to get rid of gnats. Here we are listing some of useful tips to get rid of gnats in a favorable way.

Steps For Getting Rid of Gnats in The House

6 Steps For Getting Rid of Gnats in The House

1. House Fly Killing Sprays:-

There are certain mosquito of fly repellent sprays available at all the retail shops these days that can be bought in use so as to kill the flies. These prove to be effective in killing the gnats as well and thus you may choose to bring home some of such sprays so as to make a use of it and get rid of gnats in your area.

2. Keep the potted plants out of the house or on the rooftop:-

It is my personal experience that gnats come to your room the most when you have kept some plant potted in your room. Simply keep that potted plant out of your room or at the rooftop of out of the house at the main entrance so as to avoid gnats enter your room.

3. Place camphor balls and vinegar solution in the places where gnats invade:-

The camphor balls are poisonous for these small gnats. It is a property of camp0hor balls that it sublimes or you can say that it changes from solid state to directly the gaseous state and thus these balls can be kept at various places in the house so as to get rid of gnats in a better way.

4. Keep your sewage areas properly closed:-

It has been found that sometimes the gnats enter your house through the sewage areas as well. Sometimes when the men hole of the sewage systems is kept open quite long, the gnats enter your house by the means of this passage. You are advised to keep your sewage lid properly closed so as to avoid the entry of gnats in your house.

5. Isolation of the windows, manage your pets:-

The doors and windows should be kept isolated from these flies by sprinkling some insecticide or fly killing sprays at the entrance. The pets sometimes prove to be the harbingers of these flies and thus you may choose to have a separate area for your pets and do not allow these pets to enter your room as well.

6. Call the pest control department:-

If nothing proves to be beneficial in your case, you may choose to make a call to the pest control department so as to call their team to your areas and clear off all the gnats from your surroundings. There are certain help lines issued by the municipalities of a particular area for this purpose and these can be bought in use in such conditions.


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