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6 Steps for Getting Rid of Earwigs in your Surroundings

How to Get Rid of Earwigs


Earwigs are the insects that choose to feed on the decayed or dead plant products. These sometimes even choose to enter your home so as to feed on the pot based plant leaves that are often wet with water or even due to some other factors as well. When earwigs start invading your house and surroundings, you need to look for some approaches that can help you to eliminate these from your surroundings and thus we here are providing some tips for you to get rid of these earwigs.

6 Steps for Getting Rid of Earwigs in your Surroundings

Getting Rid of Earwigs in your Surroundings

1. Keep some birds made pet in your garden:-

Birds choose to feed on these air wigs and thus you may choose to bring home some bird pet, so as to get rid of these creatures. If you don’t wish to bring home some pet, you can choose to keep some water baths available for birds to come and feed it up when they feel thirsty. Birds will start reaching your garden so as to drink this water and will besides watch these earwigs and eat them. This way you will easily get rid of these earwigs.

2. Aerosol sprays to kill earwigs:-

There are certain kinds of aerosol sprays that can be bought in use so as to kill these creatures. These sprays are rather safe and you can choose to sprinkle them from a safe distance as well. These sprays are available with every chemical dealer and you can purchase them at cheap prices rather.

3. Fix up the holes in window panes:-

Sometimes it has been seen that earwigs reach your house by the means of gap in your window pane. You may choose to fill this gap using some agent like clay or some other sealing agent as well. After these holes get fixed, the earwigs won’t get a passage to enter your house.

4. Earwig control sprays:-

There are certain earwig control pesticide sprays that come readily available in the market. These chemical repellants can be bought in use so as to get earwigs under control. Simply fill an injection with these sprays and sprinkle it up at the areas with a risk of these earwigs. You may also choose to spray it up directly so as to get rid of earwigs.

5. Physical removal:-

Earwigs can also be physically removed like you remove any other insect. Simply pick them off in a polythene or make usage of some plastic sheet so as to achieve this step. You may also choose to go for killing them afterwards with some heavy thing that crushes them under it.

6. Keep plants out of home:-

As I told you earlier, earwigs feed on plant products and as they feed on the plants, If you have kept any flower or plant based pot in your house premises, the earwigs are much likely to enter your house as well. You should preferably keep these plants out of the house so as to not let earwigs enter your house.


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