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6 Steps to Getting Rid of Dandelions in Lawn

Get Rid of Dandelions in Lawn


Dandelions are the bushes that grow in the ground as well as lawns and the major problem is not that they germinate in your lawns, but the seeds that sprout after getting carried up with the wind creating a problem for an average gardener. The roots are rather deep rooted which creates a problem for an individual who chooses to go for hand picking and thus there comes a need to look for the approaches that can help us get rid of dandelions in a better way. If you wish to get rid of dandelions, you may choose to follow some simple tips that we are mentioning here.

6 Steps to Getting Rid of Dandelions in Lawn Organically

Getting Rid of Dandelions in Lawn Organically

1. Make Use of Herbicides:-

Dandelions are basically the herbs and you can choose to get rid of them by making usage of some good herbicide chemical. These chemicals simply prevent the growth and thus the dandelions will diet this way, making you get rid of them.

2. Prevent the Sunlight Exposure:-

We all know that plants and trees make their food with the help of process called photosynthesis and if we prevent the sun rays from falling on dandelions, they will not be able to make food and thus will die ultimately. Simply spread some newspapers or any other thing that prevents sunlight prom falling on dandelions and thus get rid of them this way.

3. Prevent Winds From Carrying The Seed:-

It has been reported that the main reason for the spread of the dandelion seeds is that the blowing winds carry away the dandelion seeds with them and thus it is advised that you remove the whole bush first of all covering it with some cloth or any other thing in such a way that the seeds are not able to be carried away with winds and then make usage of herbicides on the remaining stem of dandelions so as to get added benefits.

4. Pre-Emergent Chemicals to Prevent Germination:-

There are some pre-emergent chemicals that can be sprayed after removing the dandelion bushes on the target site so as to prevent the dandelions from growing up again. The pre-emergent chemicals are destined to prevent the germination of seeds of dandelion and prevent growing it again as well.

5. Chemical Based Approaches:-

There are some chemicals that can be bought in use so as to get rid of dandelions. Simply reach the agro based chemicals shop and ask them to provide you the chemicals that can be bought in use so as to get rid if dandelions. Sprinkle these chemicals on the target site and get rid of dandelions this way.

6. Hand Plucking Made With New Way:-

Even the hand plucking approach can prove to be effective in certain ways if you make usage of some deep reaching sickle or axe so as to dig the soil deep and take out even the single root of the dandelion so as to get rid of it completely. Make sure that the seeds are not carried away by the wind as the seeds that wind takes away with it can germinate again increasing your worries about dandelions again.


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