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6 Way For Getting Rid of Carpet Beetles

Getting Rid of Carpet Beetles


Carpet beetles are the small pest insects that you may find in the premises of your house often in the areas like carpets that you have laid or even the wardrobe having clothes fabrics, etc. These can often leave you devastated with their presence and if you are experiencing the same, you may choose to go for the simple to follow tips that we are mentioning here so as to get rid of carpet beetles in a better way.

Getting Rid of Carpet Beetles

6 Way For Getting Rid of Carpet Beetles

1. Good Housekeeping Options:-

The best option to get rid of carpet beetles is to go for proper housekeeping. If you have got some maid for you regarding this purpose, it may be that she is not doing the dusting properly and this is the reason beetles have chosen your surroundings to reside in. It may be the need of hour that you starting monitoring or supervising your maid.

2. Manage The Carpets, Quilts And Blankets To Save Them Against Larvae:-

It is my personal experience that when the carpets, the quilts and mattresses are not bought to the exposure of sun and beaten with a stick time to time so as to get rid of the settled dust and beetles for a long period of time, these are likely to become the residing place of beetles and thus it gets difficult for us to get rid of them. Instead, this period proves to be the breeding time for carpet beetles and they lay their larvae at such places.

3. Dry Cleaning or Soak In Warm Water:-

As I told you earlier that the quilts, blankest etc. if left unattended for quiet much time may become the breeding zone for carpet beetles and thus it is advised that you take every care from your side to get rid of them. Simply go for the dry cleaning of all these essentials or soak them up in warm water. This will kill all the larvae and even the traces of them.

4. Use of Beetle Kill Sprays:-

There are certain beetles killing sprays available in the markets these days that can be bought in use so as to get rid of carpet beetles. If you are keeping the carpet or quilts and blankets folded in a cupboard, you are advised to keep some camphor balls also in that cupboard as it will prove to keep beetles and bugs away from that area.

5. Boric Acid or Some Other Insecticide Spray:-

Boric acids that people make use of so as to get rid of ants and other insects can also prove to be a good option if you are experiencing carpet beetles. You may also choose to go to some chemicals shop and ask them if there is some insecticide spray available with them to kill carpet beetles and make use of it to get favorable results.

6. Vacuum Clean the Carpet daily:-

Besides all the approaches I mentioned above, the carpet that you have lain in the drawing room or the verandah should also be vacuum cleaned every day. Vacuum cleaner will collect all the dirt along with these beetles by sucking them with the air and this sucked out dirt and unwanted things can later on be decomposed somewhere in a landfill.


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