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6 Home Remedies for Getting Rid of Black or Dark Lips

home remedies for getting rid of black lips


Black lips, or dark lips is a health problem in which a person’s look of lips gets spoiled. In other words, the lips get less rosy and instead they get much darker in tone. This can happen with both men and women and people seek approaches to lighten this darkness of their lips when they experience this disorder. This condition can occur to a human due to a variety of reasons i.e. exposure to sunlight, chewing tobacco or smoking, taking caffeine, prolonged lack of care of lips and even due to a usage of low quality make-up products sometimes. In order to treat this health issue, the following home remedies can be bought in use:-

6 Home Remedies for Getting Rid of Black or Dark Lips

Home Remedies for Getting Rid of Black or Dark Lips

1. Honey as a Treatment Option:-

Honey is rich in medicinal properties and it acts as an ideal moisturizer for your lips. Mix some honey and turmeric to form a thick paste. Keep this paste applied on your lips for a while each day and then remove it off. You will soon see a favorable effect and improvement against the blackness of your lips.

2. Lemon in Treatment of Black Lips:-

Lemon is one of the best natural cleansers present on this earth. It can thus be bought in use to treat problem of dark lips as well as other such problems with skin and lips. Actually, lemon juice is rich in bleaching properties which make it an ideal substitute against the dark lips problem.

3. Rose Water Mixed With Glycerin:-

Take some rose water and mix some glycerin to it. Application of this solution daily can make your lips soon get treated against the problem of darkness or blackness. You can also add pomegranate juice to this mixture in order to get added benefits against black lips problem. You can directly moisturize and nourish your lips by applying some pomegranate juice daily on them.

4. Usage of beet-root:-

Beetroot is a vegetable that has got natural bleaching properties and thus it can help you a lot in order to get pink lips and to make your lips get rid of blackness that they are facing. Take out juice from a beet-root daily and apply it on your lips before going for sleeping. The same juice will act overnight on your lips to make them get pinkish once again.

5. Usage of berries:-

In a study it was found that berries prove helpful against the blackness problem of lips. It has been found that most of the berries are rich in bleaching properties, antioxidants as well as skin curing properties that make these a must for all. It was rather found that the people experiencing black lips problem when subjected to application of berry juice on their lips got relieved against this problem much easier than the others not doing so.

6.  Use of Olive Oil:-

Keep cleansing and moisturizing your lips daily. If possible, take the help of a doctor as well. In order to cleanse, you can first use a slice of lemon on your lips. Later on, you can go for the application of olive oil on the same lips to make them overcome this problem of blackness.


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