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5 Steps to Getting Rid of Bird Mites in the House

Get Rid of Bird Mites


You may take bird mites as the parasite mites that enter your home by the means of birds. Often when you have got a pet like cats in your home that is likely to bring home some dead sparrow or if you have got some space those birds have made their nest in, these mites are likely to invest in your house. Those who suffer the problem of bird mites can choose to go for some simple to follow ways that we are mentioning here so as to get rid of the problem of bird mites in a better way.

5 Steps to Getting Rid of Bird Mites in the House - HowFlux

5 Steps to Getting Rid of Bird Mites in the House

1. Don’t Let Your Home Be A Bird Nest:-

The first and foremost step to get rid of the bird mites is to not let your home become a habitat of birds and their nests. The birds are the harbingers of these mites and obviously if a bird makes a nest in the premises of your house, it is but obvious that the bird will come again and again and this coming again and again will bring bird mites that you will have to encounter and thus you are advised to not let any bird make a nest in your surroundings. Simply throw every piece of grass or straw that birds collect and this way there will be no nest build in your surroundings.

2. Cut off the Branches of Trees Touching Your Home’s Windows:-

There may be some tree branches touching your home’s windows as well as boundary right? Well, this can become an entry area of the bird mites to the premises of your house and thus you are advised to cut off the branches of trees that touch your home’s windows as well as boundaries.

3. Remove the Bird Feeders and Trim the Shrub Overgrowth:-

If you have kept some bird feeders in your garden or rooftop, it is the high time you either block them or place them somewhat away from the house as the more birds will stay away, the less will you encounter bird mites bought by them.

4. Regular Vacuum Cleaning of the Surroundings:-

Even if you have tried out the first three approaches that I told you, you still might need to follow this one as well. Simply go for the vacuum cleaning of your home as well as the mat and mattresses as there may still be some mites that may reach your surroundings and vacuum will suck them up in the bag and this way you may decompose them under a pit dug in ground every second or third day.

5. Make Watch at Your Pet:-

If your pet is a bird hunter, you will need to keep a watch over its habits as well. The bird that it has chosen to make a prey might be a harbinger of bird mites to your home and thus you are advised to make a watch over his habits so as to not let it come with any bird to the house. Be strict with your pet and keep on cleaning him occasionally. You are also advised to keep on closing the areas where birds are likely to make their nests like holes and the upper area of your garage shutter etc.


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