How to Getting Health Insurance when Already Pregnant

How to get health insurance when pregnant


A health insurance covers all medical plans along with the pregnancy as well. The pregnancy, child birth and post birth coverage also comes under the health insurance plan. This right becomes true even if your pregnancy starts right before the coverage becomes effective.

How to getting health insurance when pregnant

How to Getting Health Insurance when Pregnant

Want to know regarding the process of getting health coverage?

Once you become mother, your baby will qualify you for ‘Special Enrollment Period’ (SEP). It means that after you give birth, you can change the coverage irrespective of the open enrollment period.

More about the SEP and the process of application:

The majority of the enrollment process begins in the 1st day of the next month, provided you have enrolled within the 15th of the previous month. Note that if you have already taken the marketplace coverage, you can either keep your present plan same and add your child under the similar coverage, or you can change to a different market plan.

Learn more about health plans and pregnancy

There are so many private health and pregnancy plans, out of which, maternity care and child rebirth provides you the services before and after the birth of your child. You should remember that these all are essential health benefit. You must know that under the health care act, the pre-existing conditions including the pregnancy needs to be covered.

The next vital thing which you should keep in your mind is to know about the health plans sold outside and inside the marketplace provide an adequate summary of the benefits and the coverage under the medical act. Read page number 7 of the summary to know how regarding the benefit plans are covers behind the cost of the birth. If you need more information, you can view a sample summary to know how to locate all these information. Note that a few grand fathered health plans do not cover the pregnancy and child birth. You should be very aware regarding the maternity coverage. If you have grandfathered individual plan kindly contact the health insurance company to know facts regarding your pregnancy and birth coverage.

Which insurance program covers the claim of maternity and childbirth?

Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) covers the maternity package and childbirth expenditures. However, this program can cover mainly the women with the child below some specific income levels. As the eligibility and the income level differs, the policy norms also vary accordingly. Note that you can apply for this program during any time of the year. You can apply directly through the state agency or you may fill out the marketplace application as well.

If you have failed to qualify the medical facility during your pregnancy, you can try once more for acquiring similar services. Although the income level can be major restrictions to qualify it, you will have the scope to get the benefits of health insurance while you are pregnant. Finally, you should be aware regarding your state plan for expanding the Medicaid and what does it mean for you.


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