How to Get Sticker Residue off Clothes (6 Steps)

How to Get Sticker Residue off Clothes


People these days are much fond of getting stickers pasted on their arms and even their clothes to make them look presentable. Even the cloth manufacturing companies these days put stickers over the clothes as a brand logo which leaves behind a kind of residue that if we try to remove by scratching may damage the cloth and thus it becomes useless for us and thus in such cases, you should adopt a safe measure for getting rid of the sticker residue which can be done following the simple tips that we are mentioning here.

How to Get Sticker Residue off Clothes

How to Get Sticker Residue off Clothes

1.  Dip That Part in Petrol or Acetone:-

In order to get sticker residue off from your clothes, you can first of all choose to go for dipping that part of clothes in petrol or acetone as these ones are proven to make the most of sticker residue get detached from the clothes and you won’t have to make further more efforts in making it get detached.

2. Use Light Brushing To Remove The Residue:-

A slight hand of brushing done from your side is enough to make the residue get detached from the clothes and thus we advise you to keep using the brush along with the detergent bar to that area where the sticker residue is left and it would get removed easily.

3. Wash Up the Clothes in Detergent thoroughly:-

Now when you have removed the traces of sticker residue off from clothes, you would just be required to wash up the clothes in detergent solution and to wait for the micelle formation to take place. After the micelle formation takes place, the dirt will get detached and would come out of the clothes.

4. Rinse off the Water and Double Check If There Is Still Any Residue Left:-

Now when the entire dirt as well as sticker residue has come out, you would just be required to rinse off the clothes in water so as to get rid of even the single traces of sticker residue left over it. Afterwards if you still see that there is some residue left, you may choose to go for another wash as well.

5. Put the Clothes under Sun for Drying:-

Now after that the clothes have got washed in a proper way, you would be required to put them under the sun for getting dried. The property of acetone and petrol is that they get evaporated when exposed to the sun and thus when you put the clothes for getting dried under the sun; every single trace of petrol used on the clothes gets evaporated leaving the clothes dry cleaned.

6. Use Deodorizer to Get Rid Of the Petrol’s Smell:-

The clothes are now clean but there is a stinky smell that you have to deal with now and in order to deal with this smell you would have to go for using some good quality deodorizer or scent so that the smell also gets removed and you can wear the clothes again.


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