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How to Get Short Term Car Insurance Policy

How to get short term car insurance


Short term auto insurance covers your car from day 1 to day 28. There are several reasons for obtaining a short term auto insurance policy. For example, you provide your car to another person for a few days. In this situation, you have to purchase a short term insurance as per the state norms. However, note that short term car insurance policy needs to be separated from your existing car insurance policy.

How to Get Short Term Car Insurance Policy

How to Get Short Term Car Insurance Policy

Remember the steps to get short term auto insurance

First of all, you should determine how much coverage is needed. Initially, you have to speak to the insurance company regarding which is covered in your insurance policy and which is not covered. Consider whether you have liability coverage or comprehensive and collision coverage. Most importantly, you should cover the person, who is driving your car. Secondly, you should ask the insurance agent whether other drivers can be covered by your insurance policy or not. In any emergency requirements, you can lend your car to your family members or friends. However, you should instantly make short term coverage to save the accidental risks of your car. You also note that a driver should insure the car when the children are home from their college and using the same car for a short while. You should also need a short term insurance plan if you have a student driver.

Secondly, if you are borrowing someone’s car, you have to ask the agent whether the policy covers both you and the car itself or not. In case you are renting a car, you have to purchase their short term insurance coverage. Thirdly, remember that you have to consider a list of short term policy that needs to be covered. It can include car damage, personal injury, or any other types of risks. All in all, the lender can require you to be protected beyond the liability insurance policies, if you are using a valuable car.

Steps to get adequate insurance coverage

To get proper coverage, you should first speak to your insurance company. You can get an adequate discount on the new insurance premiums. In the second step, you should ensure that the short term policy is separate from your existing premiums.

Facing issues from your current insurance company getting right short term insurance?

No need to worry. You can find multiple good insurance companies who can provide you short term right auto insurance plans. You should only verify that the insurance company is licensed to offer policies across your state. Go to your state insurance department and asks for a list of the licensed insurance providers. Once you find a list of the insurers, compare the short term quotes and choose the best one to make the insurance.

Finally, once you have chosen the insurer, you have to provide the make, model number, vehicle identification number, year, to initiate your short term insurance. Also inform whether if you have met any accidental issues recently or not. Once it is clear, you can become eligible to receive the short term insurance coverage within next few days.


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