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How To Get Rid Of Zebra Mussels

How To Get Rid Of Zebra Mussels


Zebra Mussels refer to the small mussels with the zebra stripes kind of looks which is why these are given this name. Sometimes when you are in water or you live near water or have got indulged in a profession related to it, you are likely to experience the problem of zebra mussels infestation and thus you may be looking for the ways to get rid of it which can be done following the easy to do tips that we are mentioning here for the same making you easily get rid of zebra mussels.

How To Get Rid Of Zebra Mussels

How To Get Rid Of Zebra Mussels

1. Double Check the Water Sunken Things:-

In order to get rid of Zebra Mussels, the first thing that you will need to do is to double check the things or parts that stay sunken while you are at work. The bucket of water or the equipment that stay sunken all these stuff should be double checked if it contains some traces of zebra mussels in order to get rid of it.

2. Double Check the Motor As Well As Tank:-

Even if these accessories are found to have no traces of zebra mussels, you will still need to check if there is some trace of zebra mussels or not. Even the larvae need to be double checked and in order to get rid of the slightest of traces, you can go for a chemical washing of the same stuff.

3. Check for the Larvae:-

In order to check for the larvae, you need not get choosy but instead the things that stay sunken under water or the ones where the zebra mussels have stayed for a longer period of time, you will need not to reach any special department but instead a warm water bath will work for sure.

4. Have a Hot Water Bath for the Accessories That Were Dipped In Water:-

Regarding the larvae of the zebra mussels, these can be cleaned after spraying some warm water to the infested areas. The property of warm water is that even the traces of zebra mussels get removed and strained along with it and even you don’t need to reach a special department for it as well.

5. Check for Contaminated Hauling Water:-

If there is some contamination of hauling water, this make your situation worse by making your things get infested with the larvae as well as zebra mussels if any living in your equipment. This may increase the mussel family and thus even the hauling water needs to be double checked as well.

6. Prevent the Zebra Mussels from Reaching the New Water Bodies:-

The zebra mussels if finding a way to the new water bodies may contaminate the water that is accumulated in these water bodies as well. The zebra mussels should not be allowed to reach the open water bodies and even the mussel contaminated water also should not be added to these water bodies so as to save it from getting contaminated.


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