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How to Get Rid of Weeping Willow Borers

How to Get Rid Of Weeping Willow Borers


Willow tree is a tree found in the moist soil regions of deciduous forests in cold and temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. Such a tree is called weeping willow when its long, narrow leaves and tendril like branches get bent gracefully to the ground which creates a weeping kind of effect. Willow borer is a kind of threat that such trees experiences. Once such insects reach your weeping willow tree, they start multiplying and make your tree dead within no time and thus you have to look for the approaches to get rid of these borers before they are able to reproduce and increase in number. Here are some ways which can be applied to make your willow get rid of these borers:-

How to Get Rid Of Weeping Willow Borers

How to Get Rid of Weeping Willow Borers

1. Use an Insecticide Spray:-

The best way to control weeping willow borers is to use a suitable insecticide spray on such trees. One such insecticide spray is available with the name “Merit” and the other is available with the name “insect control” or there can be many other such substitutes which once sprinkled get absorbed by the tree and even the traces of borer eggs get destroyed once you spray such chemicals.

2. Trim off the Affected Tree Branches:-

Sometimes we come to know about the borer infestation at a very early stage. Till this stage, only the narrow leaves and tendril have come in the contact of such borer insects and we can trim off the outer boundary of such leaves in order to make the tree free from such borer insects in this stage.

3.  Water and fertilize them regularly:-

It has rather been noticed that a regular supply of water mixed with fertilizer chemical can also help a lot to kill the borers in a particular willow tree. These borers make the tree dead but once we start supplying the fertilizer, the tree is less likely to meet damage because of such borers.

4. Sprinkle kerosene oil if there are multiple infected trees:-

When you have many willow trees standing in your surroundings and approximately all of them get infested with borer insects, the best way to apply in such a case is to mix one liter of kerosene into one bucket of water and then the same mixture can be sprinkled on all those trees to make them get rid of the borer eggs and larvae.

5. Aerosol injection fluid:-

Special aerosol injection fluids are also available these days in the market, which once injected into the tree makes it get rid of all willow borers on its surface. The other such beetle infestation chemicals can also be bought in use for this purpose.

6. Sprinkle Bora-care:-

You can search the internet websites for “Boracare” chemical. This chemical is based on borate liquid and once we sprinkle this chemical on willow trees and plants, even the traces of infestations of borer insects as well as beetles and other such insects will be gone within a very short span of time.


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