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How do you Get Rid of Weeds Permanently

How to Get Rid of Weeds Permanently


Weeds are the unwanted plants that get grown in the fields as well as gardens that may prove to be normal for a person, but later on the situation becomes troublesome when these start competing with the other plants or crops in your field so as to get food for themselves. These rather make your crops or useful plants compromise with space as well as food and water and thus need to be removed time to time. People seek to go for multiple approaches so as to remove these weeds and some of these approaches can be listed as follows:-

How to Get Rid of Weeds Permanently

How do you Get Rid of Weeds Permanently

1. Plough The Field:-

When the field is ploughed with a machine that has got blades in it that divide the soil into different parts, the machine is also likely to remove the weeds. When the soil will meet partitions, it will also leave the weeds get removed and thus you will easily be able to get rid of them. Ploughing will rather mix up the soil and every unwanted root of the weeds will also get removed this way.

2. Physical Hand Plucking:-

Some of the garden weeds can be plucked with hands as well while some have their roots gone deep inside the soil and these are likely to grow again after some time, in these cases you may manage to take a ground tilling instrument and remove the roots as well. Remember not to let the weed seeds get buried in soil while plucking off the weed plants as these seeds after coming in contact with the nutrition of soil may get converted to new weed plants worsening the situation.

3. Remove The Seeds:-

Some of the weeds have been reported to produce seeds after the end of year or during the second year. These weeds will prove to be a germinating invitation to new and more weeds at that place and thus you may choose to remove up the seeds first of all from plants and then do something about them as today’s seeds may result in tomorrow’s plant weeds.

4. Take Help of Some Horticulturist:-

Horticulturists are the people who are employed by the government horticulture departments to console people about specific plants and their disease fighting abilities. These are also skilled so as to recognize a specific type of weed and tell you the specific ways to remove it in a better way.

5. Sprinkle Boiling Water On Weeds And Use Tilling Method:-

Boiling water will burn up the weeds and water will rather get cool reaching the soil and will do no damage to the fertility of soil as well. You may also choose to go for some other weed removal approach like using a land tilling tool for tilling up these weeds from their roots.

6. Doing Something About The Weed Seeds:-

The weed seeds may prove to be a big trouble sometimes if not removed as these may turn again into new weed plants. Simply bring corn gluten meal in use so as to prevent germination of these seeds and when the seeds will not germinate, there will be no more new weeds afterwards this way.


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