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How to Get Rid of Tuberculosis Naturally

how to get rid of tb naturally


Tuberculosis or TB is an infectious kind of disease which is caused to an individual due to bacterial infection. A bacterium named “Mycobacterium Tuberculosis” is responsible for this. This disease generally affects the lungs and other parts of the body. It can also accompany chronic cough, fever, night sweat and unexpected weight loss in a person’s body. The spread of infection to further parts of the body can add to these symptoms. This disease spreads through air and when it is in an acute stage, the person is likely to experience coughing, sneezing and splitting. In order to get rid of this disease, you can follow these simple remedies:-

1. Add Garlic to Your Diet:-

How to Get Rid Of Tuberculosis Naturally

How to Get Rid of Tuberculosis Naturally

Garlic is a product of bulbous plant of onion species. Garlic is rich in the content of Sulfur and Cloves taken out of garlic are rich in anti-bacterial properties and as tuberculosis spreads because of bacterial infection, you can add garlic juice to your diet to get rid of this disease. Mix ginger and garlic together to convert them to a paste form. Eat your daily dosage of chapattis with this mixture and you will surely see a favorable effect against the ailment that you are suffering from.

2. Use Custard Apple and Banana Juice:-

how to get rid of tb naturally

The nutrients in a banana and custard apple act as an effective remedy against disease of tuberculosis. They not just help you enhance your immunity, but also help in rejuvenating the tissues affected because of this disease.

3. Drink Orange Juice or Carrot Juice:-

tuberculosis cure by ayurvedic

Oranges are not just good for skin but they are also a good source of minerals and vitamins which help in rejuvenating the tissues of your lungs which get affected because of this disease. For those people in which this disease is accompanied with coughing, oranges act as a kind of expectorant and help them to fight against the bacterial infection. Carrot juice can also provide similar effects if taken daily.

4. Leaves of Drumstick or Mint:-

how to cure tuberculosis fast

Drumstick plant leaves have got anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties in them. As this disease is caused by a bacterial infection, you can add drumstick leave extract as a remedy to fight against this disease. Mint or mint leaves can also show similar effects and you can also convert both drumstick leaves as well as mint leaves in the form of extract first to consume it daily.

5. Eat Pineapples:-

natural cure for tuberculosis

Though pineapples are somewhat costly if we talk about the prices, but nothing is more costly than your health. Pine apple is rich in properties which are enough to reduce formation of mucus in the human body and also helps to relieve you against the effects of this disease.

6. Eat Walnuts:-

can you get rid of tuberculosis

Walnuts are destined to improve the repair of tissues which get affected because of this health condition. You can make a paste of walnut power with garlic to consume it daily if you are suffering from tuberculosis. Besides this, you can also add walnut oil to your food items instead of butter if you have no problem in doing so.


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