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6 Amazing Steps to Get Rid of Stubborn Blackheads

How to Get Rid of Stubborn Blackheads


Stubborn blackheads can be regarded as the blackheads that are not going despite your continues efforts and never show any change in their formation howsoever technique you may apply. These are the tough black heads and are not easy to be removed. With increasing threat to these blackheads, there comes a need to look for the approaches that can help us get rid of these in a smart way and thus here we have come with some tips for you to get rid of stubborn blackheads in a simply way by following steps that we are mentioning here.

How to Get Rid of Stubborn Blackheads

How to Get Rid of Stubborn Blackheads

1. Lemon Juice To Cure:-

The black heads that get stubborn and don’t go despite our continuous efforts might be the result of excess oily skin. Simply cut a lemon in two pieces, eradicate the seeds and then apply its juice on your stubborn blackhead area. The blackheads will get acidified with citric acid and you will get relieved.

2. Applying The Tooth Paste:-

Remember about the toothpaste that you brush your teeth with every day? Take some of it out of the tube and apply it on the area of your face that is mostly affected with these stubborn blackheads. Keep it applied for about half an hour, you will feel much cold after applying it and thus you will have to remove it rinsing it with water after half an hour. Avoid any contact with eyes. You will get rid of these blackheads this way.

3. Egg Yolk Remedy:-

Simply take an egg and a spoon, break the white cover of the egg using this spoon and take the yolk out of it. Apply this yolk on your skin along with the Aloe Vera juice, mixing both in a bowl. Keep the mixture applied for half an hour and then rinse it with water, you will get rid of blackheads this way.

4. Baking Soda + Water:-

Another home remedy to get rid of these blackheads is to mix proportions of baking soda and water in a bowl (2 teaspoon baking soda + some water that just wets it and does not dissolve forming a paste) Now apply this solution on the affected area twice a day in order to get relieved from these blackheads. This one is a proven home remedy to get rid of stubborn blackheads.

5. Cut Down The Intake of Caffeine:-

It has been seen that those who take an uncontrolled amount of caffeine in their diet are likely to have stubborn black heads and thus I will like to advise them to cut down their intake of things like coffee as it contains this drug in abundance and thus in order to control their caffeine intake, they will need to leave drinking coffee as well.

6. Leave Your Bad Habits:-

It has been seen that those males who have the habit to smoke cigars, cigarettes and drink wine, alcohol, etc. have to experience more cases of black heads than the ones not doing so. If you want to bring about a decrease in these blackheads, you should quit all these bad habits of yours.


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