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How To Get Rid of Split Ends Without Haircut

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Women are always worried about their hair & hair problems. Your hair makes half of your look. Hair with split ends is one of the major hair problems women with long hair suffer from these days. only a women’s heart can realize the pain when she has to go for a haircut just because of split ends. Split ends are common and sadly, unavoidable. But after all, prevention is better than cure.

How To Get Rid of Split Ends Without Haircut

How To Get Rid of Split Ends Without Haircut

There are some simple changes you can make in your routine to prevent split ends.

1. Be careful when you shampoo:-

using shampoo and hair conditioner, concentrate the products on the ends of your hair to strengthen the hair shaft.
The shampoo strengthens strands while the conditioner binds split ends together to lessen the appearance of breakage.

Another trick that works out with split ends is to wash them with cool water to seal the hair’s outer layer to strengthen. moreover you can apply an egg on your hair every week to make them silkier. never compromise your hair with cheap products, using cheap products can cost you even loose all of your hair and make you completely bald. use a good brand shampoo or conditioner free from ammonia & rich in keratin.

2. watch out when you brush your hair:-

Brushing hair should be done everyday to distribute the natural oils evenly throughout the hair, from the scalp to the ends, Brushing your hair when they are wet can cause hair breakage if you’re not careful, so Make sure to separate your mixed up hair with a wide-tooth comb. or you can Apply a detangling spray to separate your mixed up hair.
“When removing tangles gently brush  hair from bottom to the top, in order to avoid any hair breakage.

3. oil is a great finishing agent:-

sometimes hair breakages are more prominent. hair oils applied at the ends or throughout your hair smooth out the breaks and create a more even – looking finish. the area where most breakage, and spit ends occur is the area covering mid shaft to the end. the more oils you use, the more your hair get strengthened. hair conditioners like livon are very much famous among women these days.

moreover , if you feel worried about the chemicals used in your shampoo, you can replace your branded shampoo with a amla or aloevera shampoo available in khadi gramudyogs these days.

4. Avoid electric heat stylers:-

it is seen that some women literally burn their hair in order to straighten them with some electric heat operated straightener. Over-styling with curling irons and straighteners is the main cause of split ends. To protect hair from heat a leave in conditioner can be applied, which coats the hair to seal breaks.
When using a hair dryer, the nozzle should be aimed at the roots and the mid-shaft. Because the tips of hair burn more easily, the should be left in air to dry after all air is the best natural hair dryer.


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