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6 Best Way to Get Rid of Snails in Garden

6 Ways to Get Rid of Snails


Snails are the sticky garden crawlers that chew up your plant leaves and veggies as well. These are not physically harmful to you like the much of other insects but still you may feel a need to get rid of them as these eat off your vegetation and leave your plants deteriorated. In order to get rid of this crawling slow creature, you may choose to follow some simple to do tips that we are mentioning here.

6 Best Way to Get Rid of Snails in Garden - HowFlux

How to Get Rid of Snails in Garden

1. Physical removal:-

Snails are the crawling creatures that are quite slow while crawling and thus it is easy for anyone to pick them up and throw them away. Simply take a flat plastic sheet, broom the snail up on it and then throw it away so as to get rid of it.

2. Beer based approach:-

It has been found that beer can attract snails and thus here a trick can be used making use of beer so as to get rid of these snails. Keep some beer in a bucket and then place this bucket in the garden so as to get rid of snails. When you will place the bucket in your garden, these snails will get attracted to the smell of beer and will fall off in the bucket when they will try to reach it. This way you can collect all the snails that get attracted and throw them away.

3. Crushed covering of eggs:-

The white covering that you remove while beating the eggs can also be bough in use so as to get rid of snails from your garden. These coverings are rather sharp and pointed, unlike the skin of a snail which is soft and thus you may choose to go for placing them in your garden so as to get rid of snails.

4. Bring home some duck or chicken:-

You are also advised to bring home some duck or chicken so as to get rid of snails. Snails are the favorite food of these birds and these birds choose to relish these creatures. You may even choose to bring home these birds occasionally so as to get rid of snails.

5. Application of Metaldehyde or Iron Phosphate:-

Metaldehyde is a natural compound which is used as a pesticide for killing snails. Another such compound is Iron phosphate. Both these compounds are equally likely to make you get rid of snails as these compounds can easily be filled in some injection and sprinkled so as to kill snails from your garden.

6. Insecticide aerosol sprays:-

If none of the approaches that I mentioned works for you, you may choose to go for the insecticide aerosol sprays so as to get rid of snails. These sprays are specially meant for killing pests and insects and have a negative effect on creatures like snails as well.


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