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How to Get Rid of Slugs in the Garden

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Slugs are the garden feeders that feed on the garden grass and seeds and can be a problem not for you but the plantation in your garden. These multiply much rapidly as they do not need any partner for mating and instead can become a mother and father both themselves. These are the pests that may seem to make no harm, but really they can leave you devastated if there is a bunch of them in your surroundings eating the seedlings and plantation. In case you have met slug’s infestation with your surroundings, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

How to Get Rid of Slugs in the Garden

How to Get Rid of Slugs in the Garden

1. Have the Plants Covered With A Limestone Boundary or the Gravels and Pebbles:-

It has been proven in a study that the slugs do not prefer to enter in an area with a boundary as it takes much time for them to cross these hurdles and thus it is advised to have the plants covered with a boundary of limestone and rocks. You may even choose to surround the plants with pebbles or gravels and thus keep the plants away of slugs.

2. Sprinkle the Pesticide Sprays:-

Pesticides are the chemicals that are bought in use to kill the pests and even slugs are basically the pests only. Reach some chemical dealer and ask them to bring you some pesticide chemical that can be sprinkled in garden so as to kill the pests and thus this approach can also be bought in use to get rid of pests.

3. Sprinkle Common Salt around Plants:-

Have some common salt be poured in a bottle having a cap with hole and try sprinkling the common salt around those plants. Slugs prefer to stay away of salt as it may have adverse effects on them and thus even this approach can be bought in use to get rid of slugs as well.

4. Have A Stone Boundary around the Garden:-

Not just the plants but it is awesome if you keep the garden boundary be made as well. Simply have the stone boundary be build around the garden area and have the entry decorated with stones and pebbles. Slugs won’t even enter your garden this way and you will get rid of them.

5. Have Some Epsom Salt Sprinkled On the Soil:-

It has been observed that Epsom salt never entertains slugs and thus it can be bought in use to get rid of slugs in your garden. Have a pack of Epsom salt be purchased from the retail shop and then make usage of it to be used with your garden.

6. Have Some Camphor or Beer Kept in a Basket:-

It has been proven that the sublimating property of camphor can be bought in use to get rid of slugs as well. Simply keep some camphor balls in the corners of your garden and the slugs will stay away. Camphor rather gets converted from solid to gas directly and thus won’t contaminate the soil. You may even choose to keep a container of beer in the garden as a trap. Slugs like beer and they will fall off in this container.


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