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6 Steps to Get Rid of Skunk Smell Around my House

How to Get Rid of Skunk Smell


Skunks can be understood as the black and white skinned mammals that have the ability to spray up a liquid with strong odor. They may even range to brown colored. The smell that they release is a bit pungent that is emitted as a sign of warning. These can be hard to tolerate sometimes and may even have fine claws to dig out the mud. You may find them in the backyard of your house sometimes and you fear to make them run due to the pungent chemical they spray up. You can easily get rid of this animal following up some steps that I am mentioning here.

6 Steps to Get Rid of Skunk Smell Around my House

How to Get Rid of Skunk Smell Around my House

1. Eliminating Favorite Food of Skunks:-

The food that you threw in your dustbin including the half eaten fishes and pork’s of meat and bread may prove to be a party for skunks and thus they may reach the backyard of your house in order to enjoy the treat in your dustbin kept for them. You are thus advised to keep your dustbin properly isolated from home so that they may not make your backyard a place for them to dine.

2. Heal Up The Holes:-

Skunks live in holes that they dig up with their claws. If you see any hole in your surroundings that you suspect to be made by skunks, you can choose to close it by filling it up with mud or keeping something bulky or heavy over it. The more you heal up holes made by this animal, the easy it will get a clue that you want it to go away.

3. Get Benefits of Them Being Nocturnal:-

These are the nocturnal ones means that they come out of their holes at nights and stay in holes during the day. You are advised to keep everything wherever you want during the day and close everything and every gate and entry properly during the night so as to avoid skunks coming to your backyard for dining.

4. Fox Urine And Dog Urine:-

It has been found in a study that though the smell left by skunks does not irritates them at all but the smell of dog urine or fox urine can make them get the clue that they are in someone else’s territory and then they will leave the place in grief of fear. You can choose to get a bottle full of fox urine or even dog urine in order to sprinkle it at several places near your house so as to avoid skunks.

5. Cage With A Bait Or The Water fountains:-

water fountains with Motion sensors can help you a lot in order to scare up the skunks. Simply manage to implant a water fountain with motion sensors in your backyard and as the skunk will make a move, the motion sensors will switch on the fountain and the skunk will run away in a fear that it is raining out of a shock. You can even manage to bring some cage or prison for the skunks in which you can put up a bait for them so that they get encages when they try to have the food kept in it.


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