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6 Best Home Remedy to Get Rid of Ringworm

Home remedies to get rid of ringworm


Ringworms are the worms that cause fungal infection that affects an individual’s skin, nails and scalp. This one is a health problem associated with human health and of course when the skin gets affected; it looks like there is a serious trouble you are suffering from. This one is the most prominent within the children and may even take place to the others as well. In case you are suffering from the infection caused by ringworms, the home based remedies that we are mentioning here for this purpose are sure to make you some benefits.

Home remedies to get rid of ringworm

Home Remedy to Get Rid of Ringworm

1.  Chew the Cloves of Garlic:-

It has been found that the infection caused by the ringworms to an individual can be treated easily if you have added garlic cloves to your diet. You may consume garlic cloves directly, or you may juice them up or add them in your regularly eaten fried veggies as well.

2. Tea Tree Oil, Your Best Friend against Ringworms:-

In case of the ringworm related infection, the tea tree oil proves to be the best approach amongst all the natural and home based remedies. Simply take some of it on your palm and massage the skin with it in a circular motion of the fingers. You will be relieved against the infection in an easy way.

3. Have Some Apple Cider Vinegar:-

In some cases, adding apple cider vinegar to your food or making it dilute after adding some water and then making use of that dilute apple cider vinegar on the affected skin area can also bring you some benefits as well.

4. Massage the Infection Site with Some Coconut Oil or Jojoba Oil:-

In case there is some sort of inflammation related to that skin area or the condition has become severe in your case, you may also choose to go for the massage of the associated skin area with the help of coconut oil or even eucalyptus oil. These oils are proven to have the desired effects on ringworm infections and the results of these oil applications are rather proven on various subjects as well.

5. Application of Turmeric:-

In some cases the application of turmeric powder mixed with some glycerin on the affected skin area may also bring you some benefits as well. It has been proven that turmeric is rich in anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties that make it an awesome ingredient to be bought in use against the infection caused by the ringworms.

6. Consuming The Neem Tree Leaves:-

Pinch some neem tree leaves in the morning and then consume them after washing them properly. Add some of these leaves to the water that you bath and boil it. Bathe with this water when it gets cooled or take some portion of the bark of the neem tree and then use that neem tree bark juice on the affected skin area to get benefited against the ringworm caused infections. It has been proven that neem is rich in anti-fungal properties that make it an ideal home remedy against the ringworms caused problems.


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