How to Get Rid of Popup Ads on Laptop and Android (6 Steps)

how to get rid of popup ads on laptop and android


Popup ads are the ads that get flashed on your computer screen as well as your android screen while you have the data switched on. These serve to be a kind of interruption during the surfing schedule and eat up your data as well. These have been named popup ads because they pop up all of a sudden on your screen out of nowhere. These popup ads can be easily blocked following some easy rules making changes with the settings like we are mentioning it here in this article.

how to get rid of popup ads on laptop and android

How to Get Rid of Popup Ads

1. Get The Pro-Versions Of Applications To Make Them Ads Free:-

The main reason why popup ads are seen in any gadget is that these are the trail versions with limited features which means that though the issuer has provided them free of cost but still there is a limitation put forward and you can choose to go for purchasing the pro-version of the applications so as to get the pop-up ads blocked with them.

2. Keep Your Browser Up To Date:-

The other approach that you may choose to apply for is to keep the browser up to date. Keeping your browser up to date you are actually blocking the popup ads and thus this can be used as an approach to block the popup ads and to make these ads vanish with all the applications.

3. Enable Popup Blockers within Your Browser:-

There is also a popup blocking facility within every browser that can be bought in use for the purpose of making any gadget free from popup ads.  Simply get the pop up blockers enabled and the gadget will soon get free from ads like you want it.

4. Clean Up the System with the Temp Files Stored:-

The popup ads that are seen within any gadget are a result of the advertisement files stored within the memory locations in any device and thus you may choose to keep on clearing the system memory in order to get rid of the advertisement files stored within any gadget’s storage system.

5. Uninstall the Extra Data from Any of the Application:-

The other approach involves you to uninstall the extra data out of any application or to install the launcher that is pro version of a launcher and is thus free from ads. Uninstalling this extra data from your device you can make the system free from popup ads.

6. Run A Registry Cleaner And Use Only The Sites That Do Not Have Pop Up Ads Enabled:-

In order to get popup ads cleared from any system, you can also choose to get a registry cleaner installed within your system as this is the one that makes you able to clean all sorts of stuff that generates the pop up ads or you may even directly make settings with your device to prevent such ads in order to have an ad free system.


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