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6 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Period Pain

How to Get Rid Of Periods PainHow to Get Rid Of Periods Pain


Period pain or menstrual cramps can be adjudged as the pain that a woman experiences when she is in her periods. In periods, the women body system tries to get rid of a tissue, which is of no use for them. As the human body has a nature to try to get rid of everything that it no longer needs, even the women’s body tries to get rid of this extra tissue and thus it happens to every woman at some point of time in life though it may occur later or earlier depending from one woman to another.

6 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Period Pain

How to Get Rid of Period Pain

The main cause for this period pain is cramps that get developed to a woman during this stage and in order to get rid of the pain caused by these cramps, a woman can adopt the following steps:-

1. Eat Potassium Rich Foods:-

According to a famous health expert related to female health issues, food items like banana should be added to a women’s diet in order to make her get rid of pain of periods. Food items like banana are rich in content of Potassium and potassium act as a kind of medicine for women against the problem of period pain.

2. Sports Drinks Do Work sometimes:-

We were talking to various women football team players in order to research for our topic. According to many of them, they simply take sports drinks in order to reduce period pain. Most of sport drinks have content of potassium present in them. They act as a kind of pain reliever against period’s pain.

3. Omega Three Fatty Acids Rich Foods:-

It has been mentioned in most of the women’s health based magazines that if you eat food rich in omega-three fatty acids during periods, you will easily get relieved against pain caused by periods. Flaxseeds, walnuts etc. Omega-three fatty acid rich foods are always ideal substitute against inflammation problem and pain of periods.

4. Walking or jogging:-

Jogging refers to slow running or jumping or making leg movements while remaining at same place. You can simply walk or adopt jogging during your periods in order to get rid of period pain as it proves to be helpful to most of the women. This does not have any side effect rather and thus can be bought in use regularly.

5. Avoid Caffeine:-

According to most of the women’s health books, the caffeine content of food always makes your health worse during periods. Caffeine makes your cramps worse and thus if you wish to get rid of pain of periods, you should avoid caffeine from your schedule first.

6. Heating Pad or Warm Bath:-

Another approach which proves helpful during periods to reduce pain of periods is heating pad or warm bath. In this step you can either have a warm water bath to get relieved against the pain of periods or you can use a heating pad to soothe and relieve your painful area. Both these approaches are tried and practiced by most of women and thus you can try them against period pain.


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