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5 Ways to Get Rid of Moths in the House

Get Rid of Moths in the House


Moths may be taken as the small creatures with characteristic wings covered with scales. The moth that you have got in your surroundings may be small or large depending on the environment, but one this is certain that all the moths are equally devastating let it be of any size when they choose to invade your homes. Some moths spoil your cupboard kept essentials and some just pollinate the flowers and if you are experiencing some moth in your surroundings troubling you, you may choose to follow the simple tips that we are mentioning here.

Get Rid of Moths in the House

How to Get Rid of Moths in the House

1. Maintain proper lighting arrangement as moths hate lights and live darkness:-

I had read it somewhere that moths prefer to live in the places with darkness like your wardrobes, store room, basements, etc. where the lights are generally kept switched off or light is not able to reach those places. You are advised to arrange proper lighting at these places so as to avoid moths invade these areas.

2. Sprinkle the pesticides to kill moths away:-

Sometimes the pesticide sprays may also prove to have benefits in case you are experiencing moths in your surroundings. Though pesticides are meant to kill pests, but if you know the exact place where the moths are residing, you may choose to sprinkle these chemicals at those places so as to get rid of moths.

3. Go for the regular inspection of the cupboards:-

Go for the regular inspection of the pantry, the cupboards etc. and all the other places where moths are likely to be found and wash them away. Place the camphor balls in these areas so as to avoid the further infestation of these creatures and make sure to clean even the traces of these moths as these may have left their larvae even if you wash them away.

4. Not just vacuum cleaning is enough, you may need to wash the area away:-

Though vacuum cleaning is regularly advised to be done in case you need to get relieved against moth infestation but only the vacuum cleaning may not prove to sort you out and instead you may have to go for the multiple other approaches like washing the infested places with detergent or soap soluti0on etc. as so0metimes these moths leave much behind even if you manage to take them away.

5. Crush them under your broom and rinse them off with water:-

Reach the pantry, take a broom along with a pipe with running water and crush these moths under your broom, taking them out from the pantry and clean up the rest of its body with running water. Pat dries it afterwards and let it be exposed to sun’s rays for some time or you may manage to fix some bulb inside as moths generally fear light.


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