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How to Get Rid of Lizards in the House and Garden

Get Rid of Lizards in the House and Garden


Lizards may be of many types depending on the area and region from where you reside or hail from. In my area, house lizards are common while in my village, the lizards somewhat bigger than the house lizards are also found but the approach to get rid of all the types of them still remains the same though the bigger the size, the bigger approach you may have to apply for this purpose and in case you need to get rid of lizards in your area you may choose to go for the tips we are mentioning here.

Get Rid of Lizards in the House and Garden

Get Rid of Lizards in the House and Garden

1. Get rid of the Garden Lizards:-

The garden lizards are the most common types of lizards as these are found in almost all areas. These feed on the garden insects and can even change their skin color to hide out resembling the plant leafs. You won’t even get a clue that you were near a garden lizard if it hides out in the grass or the leaves due to this ability only. The best way to get rid of the garden lizards is the elimination of garden pests. Use of pesticide sprays to get rid of the pests and the lizards will themselves moved away.

2. Get Rid of the House Lizards:-

House lizards are the common type of lizards that are found in almost all the areas. These will keep on roaming on the roof, the floor as well as the ceiling and walls of the rooms. An awesome way to get rid of these lizards is to eliminate the mosquitoes as mosquitoes are the favorite food of house lizards. Use of the mosquito repellent liquids and lizards will themselves move out in search of food.

3. The Big and dreadful Lizards:-

Sometimes even the big and dreadful lizards can move out of the wild if you live in a surrounding area and the best way to get rid of them is fire. Have some source of fire to dread the lizards away or if no choice is left, call the pest control department. They will take the lizard away with them making it faint with a sleep injection. Lizards are always poisonous and thus you should take a great care no one comes in contact with you. Take the safety precautions and then go for the elimination procedure.

4. Lizard Traps and Regular Cleaning Approaches:-

Approximately all the types of lizards lay eggs to produce their off springs and them find some safe place for this purpose. The house lizards will choose to lay their eggs in the store rooms that have got a plenty of untouched vessels in it and the bigger lizards will lay their eggs somewhere in the sand or the garden lizards will also do like wisely. The regular cleaning of home and store room time to time can prove to be a perfect solution regarding the elimination of eggs laid by these lizards or in case of the big ones, the sticky lizard traps can also be used.


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