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6 Steps to Get Rid of Ladybugs in Your House


Though ladybugs may appear to look small and normal not so dangerous bugs to you, but still sometimes you may feel a need to get rid of them when the counting that they are present in your surroundings gets beyond normal and thus these may really let you annoyed and in such a situation, you may choose to go for some simple to follow tips to get rid of ladybugs in better way.

6 Steps to Get Rid of Ladybugs in Your House - HowFlux

How to Get Rid of Ladybugs in Your House

1. Broom Them Out:-

In order to get rid of the ladybugs, the first approach that can be used is hand picking, but some even say that it should not be used and thus I will rather advise you not to pick them up with hand and instead you can choose to crush them under your broom and drag them outwards from your house so as to get them away from your premises.

2. Spray Insecticides:-

The insecticides are the chemicals used to kill pests, but I personally found that these chemicals can prove to be poisonous for the ladybugs as well and every time there is an excess of ladybugs, we just spray up the insecticide chemicals and most of the ladybugs die this way. You may also choose to go for the pesticide chemicals to be sprinkled in your surroundings if the number has crossed the limit.

3. Keep Camphor Balls in Your Surroundings:-

The property of camphor is that it sublimes or talking in normal language, it gets converted directly from solid state to the gaseous state without even changing to the liquid state. The smell of this camphor is not liked by these ladybugs and thus you may choose to bring some camphor balls from the market so as to keep them in your surroundings and get rid of the problem of ladybugs in a better way.

4. Boric Acid to Kill Ladybugs:-

The boric acid which is generally used as a pesticide can also prove to be poisonous for the ladybugs as well. Simply sprinkle up boric acid on these ladybugs and you will find them meet their death this way. Boric acid can be filled up in injections or you may even take the help of some dropper so as to drop it in the infested areas.

5. Prevent the Entry Areas:-

You may also choose to get rid of the ladybugs by preventing the entry areas from letting them in. Simply make use of some clay or cement mixture so as to fix the cracks and holes near your entry and windows areas which will block the entry of these bugs in the premises of your house and you will get rid of them in an easy way.

6. Vacuum them out:-

You may also choose to vacuum these ladybugs away from your home. Vacuum uses air compression technology that sucks up the air inside the bag by the means of a tube attached and when using it, these bugs along with the, it will also get sucked making you get rid of them in a better way. The attached dirt bag can later on be removed so as to dispose off the dirt as well as the lady bugs.


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