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How To Get Rid of Heat Rash on Face, Chest and Thighs

Get Rid of Heat Rash on Face, Chest and Thighs


Heat rash may be referred to as a kind of itching that a person may experience that cause’s prickly itching kind of feeling with the associated area and which follows the sensation of the skin. This can take place on any area of body and often is seen occurring with people in summers when they are exposed to prickly rays of sun and excessive temperature as well. This takes place on the areas like neck, face, back, chest and thighs and if you are experiencing the same, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

Get Rid of Heat Rash on Face, Chest and Thighs

How To Get Rid of Heat Rash on Face, Chest and Thighs

1. Bring Home Some Prickly Heat Powder:-

The best way to get rid of a heat rash is cool talcum powder. I do not mean you to freeze it up in the refrigerator, but the talcum powder is itself enough to provide cooling and soothing effect against heat rash. Simply take the talcum powder along with you while bathing and sprinkle some of it on your body before getting clad in clothes so as to get rid of the heat rash problem.

2. Ice Pack for Getting Relieved:-

In some case an ice pack may also prove to be beneficial against the heat rash problem. Simply take a few ice cubes from the freezing tray and then wrap them up in some cloth so as to apply on the places affected with heat rashes or simply apply them as it is on the affected areas.

3. Itching Ointment Cream for the Itching That You Experience:-

As I told you earlier, heat rash follows itching, which makes you keep on scratching the associated area of skin. Well, you may tackle this problem by bringing home some itching ointment that you will need to make use of so as to treat the itching that heat rash brings to you.

4. Stay Cool and Stay in Your House:-

Stay cool so as to avoid the symptoms that heat rash is likely to make you suffer with. Menthol is the best proven remedy that I have ever seen to make you get a cooling effect and thus it can be bought in use as well. Avoid exposure to the sun and possibly stay in your house while the sun is overhead so as to save yourself from situation get out of control.

5. Stay Covered With Sun Screen Lotions In Summer:-

Regarding sun, Calamine lotion may prove to be an awesome substitute against heat rash or you may even choose to go for various sunscreens as well. Try application of hydrocortisone cream
on the affected areas so as to get rid of the heat rashes.

6. Get Some Relief with Swimming and Bathing:-

Bath multiple times a day to get relieved much faster. You may also choose to take the membership of some swimming pool to have some fun while swimming and get rid of heat rashes sideways. Ice cold water can also be bought in usage for this purpose while bathing.


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