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How to Get Rid of Head Lice Fast and Easy

Get Rid of Head Lice Fast


Head lice are a name given to the lice that lives in the head of an individual. There in the debris around the scalp and at the stem of your hair, these lice get stick and then they start feeding themselves. They lay eggs in your hair that are called as nits and when these eggs get mature, lice offspring’s get formed that again will start living in your head. In the early stage it itches and pains a lot, but later the amount of lice in your hair gets increased and you don’t even feel the itching or pain in some of the reported cases. In case you need to get rid of it, you may choose to go for tips we are mentioning here.

How to Get Rid of Head Lice Fast and Easy

How to Get Rid of Head Lice Fast and Easy

1. Stay Away of Your Classmate If He or She Has Got Head lice:-

It has been observed that when you sit with a co-partner or classmate who has got head lice with him or her can even make the lice infest your head as well. You are advised to stay away of such classmate or fellow friend so as to save yourself from the lice from his or her head to get transported in yours.

2. Have a Nit Comb purchased for this purpose:-

Even if the head lice have made a way for them in your head, there is still a hope left and you may choose to go for the nit comb to get rid of them. Nit comb is designed i9n such a way that it proves to be helpful in removing the head lice as well as their eggs what we call as nits.

3. The Anti-Lice Chemical Conditioners:-

There are some kinds of chemical based hair conditioners available on all the leading retail shops and chemist stores these days and you may choose to go for bringing such a medical formulation to your home so as to apply it to your head and kill all the nits and lice in a favorable way.

4. Have some Garlic Mixed with Salt and Olive Oil and apply it on the Scalp:-

It has been seen that the garlic juice and olive oil when mixed together create a formulation that can loosen the grip of lice and nits on your head and scalp. You simply need to mix some garlic, salt and olive oil to make a paste out of it and make application of it on your head so as to get rid of nits and lice both.

5. Go For The Physical Head Searching And Pinch Remove The Lice Out of Your Hair:-

The physical head examination and searching for lice is a proven remedy to get rid of head lice, but in this approach, though the lice gets removed, but still the eggs of lice or the nits are left behind in the head what proves to create a problem for you. You are advised to have a hair cut in case nothing proves to be beneficial for you but remember to have a bathe in neem treated water afterwards for sure.


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