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6 Way to Get Rid of Fruit Flies in The House

Get Rid of Fruit Flies in The House


A fruit fly is a word that is used to refer to the flies that keep on wandering around the fruits. Often some of the flies help in pollination, but sometimes they even choose to infest the kitchen when we bring home some fruit and can even make sting which is really painful sometimes. Nobody, including me likes to have fruit lies in his kitchen and thus there comes a need to look for the approaches to get rid of them for which we are mentioning some tips that are supposed to work for sure.

Get Rid of Fruit Flies in The House

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies in The House

1. Use Red Wine As Fruit Flies, Love It:-

It has been observed that fruit flies are fond of red wine’s smell and this weakness of fruit flies can be used to get rid of them as well. Simply design a trap with some red wine in it and keep it at the verandah. The smell of red wine will attract these flies and they will get entrapped this way.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar, an awesome agent to get rid of fruit flies:-

In case the red wine is not available, the apple cider vinegar, which is a kitchen ingredient in most of the dishes can also be bought in use to get rid of the fruit flies as well. Simply add some sugar syrup to it to make it get extra sticky and then use it the same as I mentioned in the step one.

3. Keep The Fruits Washed And Stored In Refrigerator:-

You are advised to keep the fruits washed and stored in a refrigerator. The sliced fruits can be put in an airtight container as this saves them from the infestation of fruit flies. Try eating washed fruits and avoid every step that may make the fruits come in contact with the flies. Washing the fruits rather washes away the chemicals if any applied to the outer surface as well.

4. Have Some Fruit Fly Repellant be used for this purpose:-

There are some kinds of fruit fly repellants that come readily available in the markets these days. These chemical formulations are destined to make fruit flies away from your fruits and thus you may choose to bring one home and spray it up to repel the flies from your fruits.

5. Keep the Fruits Dipped In Water:-

In case of fruits like mangoes, oranges, pomegranate, etc. You may choose to keep these fruits dipped in water. In case of pomegranate if you have taken out the seeds out of it, you may even choose to keep these seeds stored in an airtight container instead.

6. Use some chili and pepper mixture:-

The usage of chili and pepper can also be made in certain cases when the infestation of fruit flies gets more than the normal. Simply take the powdered chili and pepper be kept at several places in the kitchen and the fruit flies won’t come there. You are also advised not to let the juice fall on floor as it may also prove to attract the fruit flies as well.


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