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6 Ways to Get Rid of Crickets in the House

Get Rid of Crickets in the House


Crickets may refer to the birds that are kept in cages as a pet in the Asian areas. The songs that these birds cheer up are the main point of attraction that makes people attracted but sometimes when these get in access, there may feel a need to get rid of them. The voice is often high pitched and thus people need to get rid of them if they start creating a trouble for people. In case you need to get rid of crickets in your area, you may choose to go for the following tips that we are mentioning here.

Get Rid of Crickets in the House

How to Get Rid of Crickets in the House

1. The Bird Bate Traps:-

Crickets are birds only and this the bate traps may prove to be an awesome choice to encage these birds and either sell off them or send them to some far off place or jungle so as to get rid of them. The bate traps can be fetched up with the favorite food of these birds and when they will come to eat it up, they will get entrapped.

2. Traditional Lighting can attract them:-

It has been put forward in a study that crickets are attracted to the traditional lighting and thus choose to stay close when you have got the traditional lighting fixed in your surroundings. Simply make usage of this weakness of the birds to call them and entrap them.

3. Do Not Let the Food and Water Be Available Easy:-

Another reason for crickets to stay close to your surroundings may be the easy availability of food and water. If you have kept the bird rests in your premises, you should either take them away from your house or you should completely eliminate them as when the birds won’t get food and water to quench their daily needs, they will choose to move to some other place.

4. Get rid of the Pests to Get Rid of Crickets:-

Crickets feed on the pests in your area. Killing off all the pests, you are again depriving the birds of their food and this pesticide sprays might be a great option to shot both the things with a single bullet. The pests will also get eliminated and when there will be no pests, the crickets will also be eliminated.

5. Keep an Air Gun with You:-

There are certain kinds of air guns that I had seen in the market yesterday. These guns never can kill anyone but generate a loud noise when you fire them. Simply keep the one with you and whenever you see the crickets to irritate you, don’t shot them with it and instead make a shot in the air. All the crickets will fly away out of terror.

6. Sticky Cornmeal Traps and Glue Boards:-

The glue boards and sticky cornmeal traps can also be bought in use. Cornmeal is the favorite food item of these birds and thus you may choose to have a sticky trap put with some cornmeal in it for these birds so as to get rid of them without killing as in some areas it may be illegal to kill the birds.


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