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How to Get Rid of Cold Sores in Your Mouth

Cold Sore Treatment - How to Get Rid of Cold Sores in Your Mouth


Cold sores refer to the health condition in which an individual is likely to experience inflammation because of blisters in or near the mouth. The situation gets even worse when there the inflammation becomes unbearable. This condition occurs due to the infection caused by virus that is named as herpes simplex virus and if you are suffering from the same, you can easily get rid of this condition following some simple approaches that we are mentioning here as a remedy against cold sores.

Cold Sore Treatment - How to Get Rid of Cold Sores in Your Mouth

How to Get Rid of Cold Sores in Your Mouth

1. Use Vanilla Extract onthe Spot with Toothpick Wrapped in Cotton:-

In order to get rid of cold sores, the first approach that can be bought in use is to massage the spot having cold sores with the help of vanilla extract. Simply wrap a toothpick with some cotton and then dip it in the vanilla solution so as to use it with the spot having cold sores on it.

2. Use Whole Milk with the Cold Sore Affected Area:-

The second approach includes you to use whole milk on the cold sores affected area. For this purpose you may choose to either wash the entire face twice or thrice a day with whole milk or you may use it with cotton to the affected area only.

3. Use Hydrogen Peroxide with the Associated Area:-

Hydrogen peroxide serves to be the best medicine available till yet for the treatment of cold sores. This treatment can be made with the help of some good professional or you may even do it yourself using a small amount of hydrogen peroxide solution over the associated area.

4. Use Mint or Licorice Tea Bags:-

The mint or licorice flavored tea bags that we bring in use daily to make quick tea for us can be used afterwards to treat cold sores by using them to be rubber against the affected area with cold sores on it. Simply drink your favorite tea and instead of throwing the teabags, bring them in use for the treatment.

5. Stay In Touch With the Doctor:-

In case none of the above mentioned approaches seems to be beneficial for you, you may choose to go for getting an anti-viral cream recommended from your doctor so as to treat the spot with cold sores on it. Simply stay in touch with the doctor afterwards and complete the course of medicine specified to you.

6. Cortisone Injection:-

Cortisone, which is a steroid can be bought from the medical store and can be handled to your family health expert to fill it in an injection and to use it with the area having cold sores on it. The feature of cortisone injection is that it proves to be helpful against cold sores and gives you an instant relief against them.


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