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How to Get Rid of a Zit on Face Overnight

How to Get Rid of a Zit Overnight


Zits are a type of pimples or COMEDO that gets formed by the accumulation of extra oil in an individual’s skin that causes the production of excess sebum that causes a mass to be accumulated at a place resulting in zits which is commonly the accumulated excess oil only. Some people often try squeezing them in order to get the fluid out of them, but it never cures and instead proves to be the main reason of spread of these zits making them stubborn enough to get rid of.

How to Get Rid of a Zit on Face Overnight (6 Steps)

How to Get Rid of a Zit on Face Overnight

1. Garlic Juice Or Slices:-

Garlic “ALLIUM SATIVUM” is a bulbous plant that has got cloves in its bulbous covering. You can consume these cloves directly, or you may even add them to your diet in order to get rid of zits. You can chop up the garlic and add it to your salad or vegetables or you may simply juice it up and drink it. Rather garlic is easy to be added in any individual’s diet and is cheaply available as well.

2. Benzoyl Peroxide Or Hydrogen Peroxide Rich Treatment:-

Benzoyl Peroxide and Hydrogen Peroxide can prove to act as an active ingredient to treat zits. Simply search for an acne cream or a face pack or a face wash that is rich in these and use it twice a day. You will get rid of the problem of zits in an easy way.

3. Lemon + Honey:-

Lemon juice added with honey drops can act as a best home remedy for you to cure the problem of zits. Simple take a lemon, juice it up by squeezing it and then add a teaspoon of honey in it. You will easily get rid of zits in a proper way. You can also choose to go for other home remedies like cucumber juice etc as well.

4. Face Wash And Scrubbing Daily:-

Get a good face wash and scrub and go for using them daily. A scrub can help you cleanse pores and dirt in a better way and thus proves to be your best friend for the treatment of zits. Whenever you come home after driving in city’s pollution, You should wash your face with a good face wash in order to get rid of zits in a proper way.

5. Salicylic Acid Or Vinegar:-

Applying vinegar on the sight of zits can benefit you for sure. Vinegar can help you lighten the zits and thus get rid of it easily. Salicylic acid, that is basically the Monohyroxy benzoic acid, can help you reduce the effect of oil on skin and can help you get rid of zits in a better way.

6. Face Packs To Get Rid of Zits:-

You can even choose to make a home based face pack for yourself in order to get rid of the zits in a proper way. Simply mix half a spoon of turmeric in three spoons of gram flour and yolk from an egg and apply the mixture on your skin, keeping it for fifteen minutes and then rinse it with water. You will get rid of zits in a better way.


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