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How to Get Rid of a Tree Stump Quickly

How to Get Rid of a Tree Stump


Whenever a tree is cut down with a saw axe, though the upper portion of tree may fall down but the leftover will still reside in the ground as the roots were gone deep in the soil and these deep rooted ones are hard to get rid of which leads to the formation of tree stumps. When a tree is cut down, there is no usage of the tree stump and thus it appears to be a matter of talk for everyone and people wish to get rid of it somehow. Well if you have got a tree stump in your surroundings, we are mentioning some tips here for you to get rid of it in a better way.

How to Get Rid of a Tree Stump

How to Get Rid of a Tree Stump Quickly

1. Make Usage of A Stump Grinder:-

In order to get rid of the tree stumps, the first approach that can be bought in practice is to go for a stump grinding machine. This machine is meant to grind up the stump and make you get rid of it. The usage of a saw axe machine is made first of all and then this technique is practiced afterwards.

2. Make the Tree Stump Get Rotten With Chemicals:-

There are certain chemicals that can be bought in use to make the tree stumps get rotten and when it happens, you easily get rid of them. Enquire these chemicals from a pesticides and herbicides dealer. He will provide you with a tree stump terminator chemical cab that you can bring in practice for this purpose.

3. Change It to A Small Garden:-

I had watched a beautiful technique a few days back on internet that included the tree stumps not to be removed and instead were turned to a beautiful garden. The tree stumps were first of all drilled with small holes in them and then certain chemicals were bought in use. The small plants were then planted to the tree stumps that looked like a miniature garden.

4. Scoop Some Kerosene Oil or Petrol And Burn It Up:-

It is the nature of kerosene oil and petrol both that they catch fire easily and thus these can be bought in use so as to burn the tree stumps to get rid of them. But as it might generate pollutants, you are advised not to go for this approach till it is not really needed. Keep in mind the pollutant emission rules of your area even if you wish to go for this step.

5. Get It Scooped Up With Some JCB Machine:-

This one is the best pollution free way of getting rid of the tree stumps. Simply call the nearest J.C.B machine owner in your knowledge and ask him to scoop the tree stumps up from ground. The tree stumps will get removed this way along with the soil and later on the soil can be again filled up in the ditch so created and the roots and other part of the tree stump can be bought in use as a wood.

6. Hand Digging Or Sickle Digging For The Small Trees:-

In some cases, the approaches like hand digging or sickle digging may also prove3 to be beneficial for the removal of tree stumps. Simply bring some sickle or start digging the ground. Remove the roots as well as the other part of tree stump and get rid of them this way.


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