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6 Steps to Get Rid of a Tick Problem

Steps to Get Rid of a Tick


Ticks can be referred to as the small insects that choose to keep on sticking to our skin and suck on the blood. The heads of these insects are made in such a way that they can get ripped into the skin making them get clung to it. There is a great risk of Lyme’s disease in case of ticks and there may be a case of infection related as well. Whenever a tick bites you, it becomes essential for you to get necessarily rid of it and In order to do the same, you can choose to follow some tips that we are mentioning here.

6 Steps to Get Rid of a Tick Problem - HowFlux

How to Get Rid of a Tick Problem

1. Covering The Body:-

It has been found that the people who choose to go sleeveless in the areas with much presence of ticks are likely to complaint tick bites. Such people are advised to remain covered and go with full sleeves so as to avoid tick bites. You may even choose to keep skin colored gloves with them if they have no option than to go sleeveless.

2. Physical Hand Plucking:-

If still some tick manages to make a bite, you can choose to go for the normal hand plucking so as to get rid of it. Make sure to do it in such a way that the head of insect also gets removed. Simply pinch it up between your nails and remove it along with the head. If you look carefully, you will observe that the tick was stick to your skin badly and this is why I advised you to take care of the head as well.

3. Make Use of A Plucker:-

If still the head does not gets removed along with the tick, you may choose to go for the physical removal of it using a steel plucking tool. Just grab the tick off its head and remove it with the help of plucking tool, as simple as that.

4. Do Just Like What You Do While Threading:-

If you are a women, you must have gone for threading that includes twisting and whirling of a thread so as to remove the odd hair from the eyebrows, same can be done with the tick as well. Just make the usage of that twisting thread so as to get the tick removed in an easy way.

5. Make Use Of Some Visiting Card:-

If you have got a plastic based visiting card or identity card with yourself, you can choose to make a use of it so as to get the tick removed from your skin. Just slide the card off the area where the tick has bite you and make the skin get rid of it this way.

6. Anti-Infection Approaches:-

In some cases, where the individual is not able to get rid of the tick head, it may happen that the infection takes place as the head is still at that place and thus you are advised to go for an anti-infection liquid as well. Simply wipe off the area dipping a cotton ball in the anti-infection liquid and apply it on the affected area so as to get rid of the infection.


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