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How to Easily Get Rid of a Mouse

how to easily get rid of a mouse


Mouse can be taken as a tiny creature with tail that you may see in your kitchen or in your surroundings,  moving with tremendous speed so as to run away without getting seen taking the bits of food away with it. Often these creatures get devastating for us when they start multiplying in our surroundings and choose to feed on the clothes as well as the other stuff kept in our houses and there feels a need to get rid of them somehow. In case this is the same with you as well, simply go for the tips we are mentioning here to overcome this situation from happening to you.

 how to easily get rid of a mouse

How to Easily Get Rid of a Mouse

1. Give It Some Food Mixed Poison:-

Obviously, when you have got mouse in the premises of your house, it clearly means that it is searching for its food and thus you may choose to get rid of it by mixing some poison with its food. Take some roasted beans and mix some poison with them. The mouse will eat it to quench its thirst and then will die out of food poisoning.

2. Bring Home the Cat:-

Cats are the natural predators of mouse and thus it can prove to be a solution for you in case you have got mouse in your surroundings. Simply bring home a cat and it will take care of the mouse for you. The cat will make the mouse its prey, band, hence you will get rid of it.

3. Put The Mice Traps With Some Food Kept In It:-

There are certain kinds of mouse traps that come ready made on all the retail stores. You simply need to put some food as a bait in them and the mouse when comes to eat that food, gets trapped in the cage. This proves to be a simple and violence freeway as the mouse never dies and simply gets imprisoned; you can leave it somewhere afterwards.

4. Fix up the Entry and Exit Cracks and Crevices:-

The cracks and crevices prove to be the major hideouts of these creatures and thus there is a great need to keep on fixing such areas so as to get rid of them in a better way. The racks of the almirah that you are using as well as the cupboard portions become the major hideout of mouse if they stay unattended for much time and thus you are advised to fix up these areas so as to get rid of a mouse.

5. Do Not Let the Food Be Available for them:-

Another major cause for the mouse to be present in the premises of your house is the availability of food. Try keeping the food in airtight containers and never let anything be kept un stored, not even the pieces of cloth or even newspaper as these are the major attack sites of mouse. If all the approaches that I mentioned have proven to make no benefit to you simply bring home the mouse cakes and place them in your surroundings. The mouse will try to eat them and die out of the home.


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