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How do u Get Rid of a Hickey on your Lip

How do you Get Rid of a Hickey


A hickey is something that can be taken as a side effect of uncontrolled or extra exciting sucking or kissing of skin that is generally made either by your partner or any other external affair if you have it.
Often a bruise is seen while the process of kissing as when our partner kisses us, he or she is likely to make soft bites as well as licking and sucking. These bruises can sometimes get much visible if our partner gets violent while getting intimate and makes kisses wildly or in an uncontrolled way and thus to get rid of the signs of these hickeys you may choose to follow some approaches that we are mentioning here.

How do u Get Rid of a Hickey on your Lip (6 Steps)

How do u Get Rid of a Hickey on your Lip

1. Apply Ice Pack:-

In order to get rid of hickeys, you may take out some ice from the deep freezer and then apply it on the site where your partner made the love bite. Try not to use this approach in case of lips and rather you may choose to use it on the rest of your body.

2. Ointment For Bites That Have Turned To Wounds:-

There are some ointment, creams, available with the leading pharmacy or medical stores these days that can be bought in use so as to treat these hickeys. You may even use an ordinary ointment in case the hickey has turned into a wound.

3. Application of Tooth Paste:-

The toothpaste that you use daily so as to maintain oral health can be bought in use so as to get rid of hickeys. These hickeys are often related with a burning sensation that can easily be relieved applying some toothpaste over it. This approach is rather effective with every type of hickey and is not even associated with any side effects as well.

4. Apply Some Aloe Vera:-

The Aloe Vera plant that belongs to the Cactus breed of plants is rich in skin treatment properties and rather requires less water to be grown in your house. You may choose to plant some Aloe Vera plant in your house so as to get rid of the problems of hickeys as well. Simply cut off one of the portion of this plant and apply the sticky liquid that comes out of it to the affected skin so as to get relieved against the problem of hickeys.

5. Oil Massage:-

Sometimes massaging with oils like coconut oil, Olive oil, etc. may even prove to provide a soothing as well as relieving effect against the problem of hickeys. You are advised to go for the regular oil massage with this area so as to get relieved against hickeys.

6. Make Up To Hide the Hickey:-

If you are to go to some party and the hickeys are probable to spoil your look, you may choose to hide them up with a light make up using your brush and any skin tone matching color so as to make the hickeys get less visible to others. This trick won’t heal the hickeys but will prevent them from being seen to the others.


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