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How do you Get Rid of a Fever Quickly

How to Get Rid of Fever


Fever is a condition related to human health in which there is a sudden rise in temperature with the associated individual. A fever may be a common season change fever or maybe a mosquito bite fever like that of malaria, dengue etc. Depending on the symptoms and intensity of the fever you are suffering from, you may choose to get rid of it certainly and if you are suffering from fever, you may choose to go for the following approaches so as to get rid of it.

How do you Get Rid of a Fever Quickly (5 Steps) - HowFlux

How do you Get Rid of a Fever Quickly

1. Measure the Temperature and Use Home Based Treatment Approaches:-

In order to get rid of a fever, you will first of all need to measure the temperature of the person using a thermometer fixing it in his mouth and note down the readings. If the temperature is above the normal temperature, the person is suffering from fever and you may start by using home based treatment approaches so as to cure it like the cold compress technique and tea added with basil and cinnamon and honey in it.

2. Look If the Fever does not go Till a Day:-

If still the fever does not goes overnight, you may choose to go for the fever pills and even if it does not goes by then, you will need to consult with the doctor. The doctor will make use of stethoscope so as to hear your breath and will make an analysis of the fever you are suffering from on the basis of signs of the fever.

3. Go for the Blood Test and Urine Test:-

You are advised not to depend on the local unprofessional medicine dealers as it might even be a mosquito bite fever and the medicines might suppress that fever for a while, but you will see the situation becoming worst afterwards and thus you are advised to go for blood and urine test if the fever appears like going in the morning and coming in the evening or the feeling like there is no energy left in the person and patient often falls down because of it. The blood and urine test will help you to know what type of fever the patient is suffering from

4. Some Fever Types Require Hospitalization:-

Some types of fever like malaria, dengue etc may even require you to stay on bed rest in the hospital as it has been reported that these types of fever are associated with a feeling of weakness and fall of blood platelets with the associated patient and thus the patient might even require glucose to be injected in him so as to gain energy or even blood change in some cases.

5. Observe the Diet As Well As the Care Provided To That Person:-

The diet of such a patient should be strongly observed after consulting with the doctor and only the food that doctor recommends should be allowed to be eaten by the patient in case of fever. Last but not the least, complete the course of medicine for the requisite period and stay in touch with the doctor so as to get cured in a better way.


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