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5 Steps to Get Rid of a Cat Around your House

How to Get Rid of a Cat


Cats can be understood as the animal that resembles somewhat to miniature tigers which can be regarded as its maternal counterparts. Cats are faster while catching their prey and have claws sharp enough to kill its enemy within no time. The cat hunters advise never to try catching a cat in a closed room as it attacks your neck directly and thus manages to kill you within no moment. In order to get rid of cats, thus you need to follow some simple steps that I am mentioning in this article.

5 Steps to Get Rid of a Cat Around your House - HowFlux

How to Get Rid of a Cat Around your House

1. Bring Home A Dog:-

Dogs are the worst enemies of cats and cats fear every time that the dog might make her his prey and thus stays away of dogs. You can bring home some pet dog in order to make your house cats free as the dog won’t like its territory to be shared with cats and thus you will easily get rid of them.

2. Keep Your Birds Or Aquarium Beyond Reach of Cats:-

Cats find fishes and birds to be their most fascinating food. The moment your aquarium gets beyond your reach, they will dip their mouth in it and eat up the fleshy fishes as a treat. The birds in your home based cages always stay at a fear of being killed and eaten by cats and thus I will like to advise you to hand these types of things to some place that is beyond the reach of cats so as to keep them away of your house thinking the food is beyond their reach.

3. Stop Feeding Them:-

If you are feeding the cats in your surroundings, It means you are giving them a clue that you love them and you will show pity on them every time they need food. You should stop feeding cats in order to give them a clue that you are not going to feed them at any cost and thus they will prefer to stay away from your house.

4. Pepper Cats Sprinkler Or Fox Urine:-

You can choose to sprinkle pepper around the places that cats are most fascinated with as it is proven that cats don’t like pepper and thus will stay away. You can even manage to bring home some fox urine and sprinkle it at cats prone areas of the house as cats do not like the smell of fox urine and thus will like to stay away thinking that it is some Fox’s territory.

5. Keep Your House Mouse Free:-

Mice is the favorite food of all the cats and thus you can manage to keep your home free of mice in order to make your house free of cats as well. You can even manage to purchase some mice/ cat prison or cage in which you can put a bait to get the mice or cat encaged and throw it away from your house. Both way the task gets fulfilled, if the house gets rid of mice, then even the cat won’t come and if the cat gets encaged, then also it will like to stay away the next time.


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