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How to Get Rid of a Black Eye Before it Comes

How to Get Rid of Black Eye


Black eye can be understood as the bruising of your eye or the area around it and getting black in color due to an injury of face that commonly occurs due to the internal bleeding of the skin and around the eye. The eye vision is also likely to get affected in some of the cases and it may even make you look horrible. It may be a result of somebody punching your eye in a fierce way or even due to a serious eye or head related injury and as it spoils our looks, there is a great need to get rid of it and some methods to achieve it have been explained by us in this article.

How to Get Rid of a Black Eye Before it Comes (6 Steps)

How to Get Rid of a Black Eye Before it Comes

1. Apply The Ice Pack:-

In order to get rid of the problem of black eyes, you can even manage to freeze up some water and take the ice cubes out. Ice packs can help you reduce the swelling problem and make your eyes area get relieved with the black spots swelling. The problem of inflammation can also be treated using this method.

2. Analgesic Drugs To Relieve The Pain:-

Analgesics can be understood as the basic pain killers that can make you get rid of the basic pain caused in the area of eyes because of the wound. The wounds that are caused due to some injury like a punch that causes the black eye problem can be treated to some extent using this way as when you are able to get relieved from the pain, you get able to work on the blackness as well.

3. Get Treatment If Symptoms Include Loss Of Vision Or Double Vision:-

You can even choose to go for the treatment of the added symptoms like loss of vision or even double vision by consulting with doctor. You can even choose to do something about the swollen area by taking pills that reduce swelling of area around the eyes.

4. Home Remedy Of Blowing The Surface With A Cloth And Air:-

Take a piece of cloth, warm it up to some extent applying some heat or by blowing the air with your mouth and place it over the portion that is suffering with problem of blackness and you will be able to get some relief this way. The heat that is applied to the suffering area acts as a healing agent for black eyes.

5. Rest And Don’t Pressurize The Eyes:-

Some people keep on rubbing their eyes when they suffer the problem of black eyes. Such people should not do so as it will put some pressure on your eyes, making the condition get worse and thus you should keep your hands away from eyes area. You are advised to rest as much as you can in order to get added benefits.

6. Oil Massage And Cosmetics Hide Out:-

You can even choose to massage this affected area with some oil like coconut oil or castor oil in order to get relieved from the problem of black eyes. You can even choose to hide out the blackness using some cosmetic cream that helps you hide the blackness and look presentable.


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