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6 Steps to Get Revenge on your EX Who Cheated

How to Get Revenge on your ex, Cheater


It is either that sometimes someone has made us fall a prey to some bad consequences or has taken the place what we deserved. This type of person needs to be taught a big lesson in order to stay happy as it is the human nature that we are not able to stay happy till we don’t slap back to the person who slapped us. It becomes necessary for us to get revenge and thus here we have come with some tips for you to do so in a better way.

How to Get Revenge on your EX who Cheated on you

Get Revenge on your EX who Cheated on you

1. Ignore And Stay Happy:-

If the person has not done a big harm to you and you choose to move on rather than getting messed with that person and want to stay happy rather, You can choose to ignore that person in order to take revenge. Ignorance is a proven revenge that you can take from somebody in order to stay happy.

2. Action Strategy:-

If you still feel like “No” I need to take a revenge and that guy needs to pay for his sins, You can choose to make an action strategy that you have to put in use in order to make that person feel humiliated for what he did to you. You can simply work up on some plan to teach him a lesson.

3. Prank That Does Not Harms But Teaches A Lesson:-

If you wish to teach that person a lesson, You can start by making a plan to play a prank upon him that is not even too much dangerous and teaches him a lesson as well. Like suppose it is your x boyfriend who ditched you, simply go with a cake in your hands and slap it off on his face. You can even manage to put his face in some cow dung or anything like that. You can even manage to plan a any other prank like this that teaches him a lesson but does not risks life.

4. Work Harder And Let It Speak For You:-

If it is a job related crisis and you think that the person has taken what you reserved, You can let him get a life and think in mind that you can do better than that. Let your hard work speak for you and then achieve that position. You can get even much higher. Let me give you an example, whenever someone said anything humiliating to master blaster Sachin tendulkar, He never replied with words from his mouth but instead his bat spoke for him in the play ground. You can choose to make him your inspiration and start working even harder than before.

5. Let Them Suffer:-

You can even manage to put off some circumstances before the individual that he can’t complete without your help and then you should refuse to help him this time. He will not be able to accomplish the job and will feel mortified as well.

6. Public Mortification and Humiliation:-

You can even choose to mortify and humiliate these type of people if situation gets out of hands. Just humiliate them publically and you will get sorted. Whenever the situation gets out of control, Simply put a tight slap over their face in front of public as even it is enough to make them feel mortified.


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