How to Get Replacement of Product in Flipkart

How to Replace Product in Flipkart


Flipkart is an an online based shopping website which is counted amongst the lists of top famous shopping websites these days. These days most of the people prefer to shop online as offline shopping takes time and takes more money from your pockets as well.

How to Get Replacement of Product in Flipkart

How to Get Replacement of Product in Flipkart

Online shopping on the other hand saves your money besides giving you a chance to choose from world class quality products. Though online shopping is amongst the best ways of shopping these days, but sometimes you find that the products that you received are not up to mark or do not fulfill your expectations and in such cases, Flipkart offers you a free replacement of such products. In order to replace any product ordered from Flipkart, you can follow these simple steps:-

1. Log-In To Your Account:-

When you placed an order with Flipkart, you must have ordered it after logging-in into your Flipkart account or I.D. The same account will be bought into use now to cancel the order. For replacement of the desired product, thus you have to make a log-in into Flipkart with your Flipkart account first.

2. Reach the “My Orders” Section:-

After your account gets opened, you will be displayed with the Flipkart home section. This section will have the menu to make purchases and to add anything you shop to your cart. You don’t have to stay in this section but you have to reach the “My Orders” section now. This section contains a detailed summary of all the products that you purchased from Flipkart.

3. Click “Return Products” Option:-

Simply reach the product details and click “Return Product” option in order to look for the options of replacement provided by Flipkart in this section. You have to apply for a request of replacement in this section and the request will be received by Flipkart team when you send it

4. Get In Touch With Flipkart Team via E-Mail:-

Flipkart team will soon get in touch with you sending an E-mail message on the E-mail account that you have provided in your Flipkart account. You can tell the reason of replacement to Flipkart team and they will tell you the procedure of returns or replacement of the purchased product. You can fulfill that procedure in order to return or replace the product.

5. Direct Talk with Flipkart:-

Flipkart never takes its customers for granted and this is why Flipkart has issued its toll free customer helpline, (1800 208 9898 or (0124) 6150000) calling which you can easily talk with the Flipkart customer care executives to ask them for replacement or return options for the purchase that you made from them. Most of such options include you to send the product back through Courier service or the company itself sends some agent to pick the stuff back.

6. Pick-up Options:-

After having a talk with the Flipkart team, you can follow the procedure they told you in order to get the purchased stuff replaced. This may take some time, but it is assured that the replacement will be made soon. You can track the status of your request anytime by talking the dedicated customer care helpline mentioned by us in the above point.


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