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6 Good Ways to Get Permanently Straightened Hair

How to Permanently Straighten Hair


If you want to get picture perfect hair for some marriage function, party or some other such function, straight hair might be the perfect approach to achieve that. If you have got straight hair, this might prove to be advantageous for you as everybody likes straight and shiny hair. If you have got curly or wavy hair, you might be looking for the approaches that can help you straighten your hair permanently and thus here we are explaining some tips for you to straighten your hair in a never spoiling way.

6 Good Ways to Get Permanently Straightened Hair

How to Get Permanently Straightened Hair

1. Permanent Hair Straightening Kit:-

If you are a regular internet user, you might choose to go for a permanent hair straightening kit by simply ordering it from some online store. These kits have some formulation based cream or powder that you need to mix and apply on your hair so as to get your hair permanently straightened. Simply follow the instructions given in the user manual and then apply it in a way that has been explained in the manual so as to get the best out of it.

2. Home Based Remedies:-

In some cases where the hair are already half straightened and just need a bit of your care to get fully straightened, you will just need to follow some simply home based remedies and you will get sorted this way. Some of these home based remedies include to apply egg yolk for half an hour on your hair and then clean them up after doing it and then go for steaming your hair so as to make them straightened permanent. You will need to follow this process just three or four times and the hair will get permanent straightened this way.

3. Electric Permanent Straighter:-

Recently I was watching an advertisement on television set who were selling an electric equipment in which you had to fill some water and put your hair inside that. The heat based technique used in that appliance was really looking to be affective for all. They were even saying that it is their guarantee that the hair once treated with that appliance will remain straight for more than a month. If you want to straighten your hair on permanent basis, you can even choose to go for such appliances as well. These appliances are easy to use and even the temperature can be easily regulated as well.

4. Salon Treatment:-

There are many salon that you may find in your area having advanced formulations and advance equipments that can help you get your hair straightened in a permanent way. The hair care units are specialized in doing these types of job works. You can also choose to go for the other approaches like thermal conditioning as well in order to get your hair get straightened permanently.

5. Chemical Based Straightening:-

The chemical straightening involves the usage of chemical based approaches so as to straighten your hair. These include the disulfide bonds that can set up your hair to a permanent alignment. Simply make your hair straight by using any means on a temporary basis and then get them straight permanently by applying the chemical based formulations.


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