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How Long to Get over Relationship Break up

how long to get over relationship break up


To get over a relationship means to block your partner completely from life. Generally people look for such an option when their partner has either ditched them or has broken their heart. In this approach, you do simply everything that can destroy even a single trace of your partner in your life. People say that it is always a morning, whenever you wake up and to get rid of someone who does not deserve your love or trust is always a better option. In order to get over a relationship completely, these tips can be bought in use: –

how long to get over relationship break up

How Long to Get over Relationship Break up

1. Block Him/her from Social Networking:-

Even if you break every contact with your partner, still some contacts are left such as social networking websites. Your partner is able to make comments on your profile or send you messages on a social networking application even if you tell him/her clearly that it is time for break-up. In order to prevent yourself from coming across all those apologizing fake attempts, you should first block your partner from all social networks.

2. Install a Call Blocking Application:-

Even if you add your partner’s number in the blacklist application of your mobile, still it is likely that your partner will sue for a substitute number borrowing his/her friend’s mobile and will keep on bothering you by making phone calls. In such a situation, you should install a call blocking application blocking everyone’s call except the numbers saved in your mobile as contacts or if he/she still bothers you, just go for a contact change.

3. Never Believe on the Letters/Mails:-

Your partner is likely to flood your Email address with countless junk mails of apology in such time if he/she knows your Email ID. Either move his E-mail address to spam folder or just stop believing and ignoring the words in his/her mails. Switch off your laptop for some time if you need a break.

4. Get Indulged with Friends:-

Best option to forget your partner is to get indulged with friends. True is when they say that friends come with benefits as they can make you forget every pain in this world by pulling your leg and celebrating the day with movies, parties and gossiping. Just make a friend if you do not still have one in life and get busy with him or her in order to get over this relationship.

5. Go for an Outing:-

You can also plan a picnic or outing with your family in order to wine and dine with them to forget your pain. To be with your family is one of the best joys in this world. Sometimes being closed to someone else whom you love the most in this world can also work. This can be your mother, granny or even a best friend.

6. Find a Substitute:-

This one is the way that I recommend to everyone. The best way to get over a relationship is to find a substitute for your old partner. This small world is full of people and if someone is fake does not mean that all are fake. Just extend your social circles with friends avoiding the ones from your X-partner’s side and get indulged with someone else who really cares about you.


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