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5 Ways to Get my Window 8 Product Key

How to Know Window-8 My Product Key


Windows-8 from Microsoft is a personal computer operating system developed by Microsoft as a part of the Windows NT family of operating systems. This window version gets activated with a product key which is basically a combination of twenty five characters codes that can be entered in the dedicated key field in order to activate windows-8. Activation key helps to verify if you are using the window on a single computer or you have tries to install it on other systems as well.

5 Ways to Get my Window 8 Product Key

How to Get my Window 8 Product Key

If you wish to authenticate the version of Window that you are using, you should have a product key with yourself which can be found at places that we are describing today in this article.

1. Find it Inside the Box of Your Windows DVD:-

When you purchase any Window version from an authorized window DVD dealer, he provides you with a box packed version of windows. You open the box and insert the DVD in your CPU’s DVD drive in order to install it and then the window installation process begins. One generally throws the box and leaflets inside it after using any DVD but if you are throwing the box of your windows DVD, you are committing a big blunder as the genuine 25 characters product key of your window DVD is written on a leaflet inside the box of your window DVD in most of the cases.

2. Email for Window Purchase:-

If you have made an online purchase of windows for your system, this might send you a product key via Email. If you purchase window for your system from windows store via an online payment option, they send you a secure product key on your provided E-mail and this product key can be copied or noted down once you log-in with your E-mail ID.

3. Find It on A Product Key Utility:-

There is also an option to find your lost or forgotten product key by making use of a product key utility. There are many such kinds of utilities, but I am mentioning only two such utilities here one out of which is http://www.belarc.com/free_download.html and the other one is http://www.magicaljellybean.com/keyfinder.shtml . You can copy and paste these links in URL bar of your browser in order to find product key for window installed in your computer.

4. Ask Your Window Dealer about It:-

If you had purchased an open DVD without a sealed box from your distributor, you should ask him to hand over the product key to you. A key activated window is always less prone to system crash and thus you should ask your dealer about it at the time when you reach him for purchasing a Window DVD.

5. Purchase a Genuine Version to Get a Genuine Product Key:-

Some unauthorized window dealers and cyber café owners sell an unprofessional and ungenuine version of Window which are activated without any product key. They use multiple softwares to extract such windows which make the system run once, but the features always stay limited till you do not manage to find a product key. You should always purchase a genuine window version with Microsoft logo on it as a genuine window version means unlimited access to window features and free update options for the user.


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