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How to Get More Views on Youtube Easy

How to Get views on Youtube


YouTube, which is an video sharing website that allows you to upload and view the videos that are uploaded on this website. This website is operated with a Gmail account and the user can upload as well as view the videos that are added on it. Most of the content on this website is added by the individuals but the media corporations also show an interest in it. After uploading a video on You Tube, there comes a need to share it on various websites in order to get even more views and some of the tips to achieve it have been explained here by us.

How to Get More Views on Youtube Easy (6 Steps)

How to Get More Views on Youtube Easy

1. Attach Link to The Gmail Signature:-

First of all, If you are a Gmail user with multiple contacts that you bring up in daily usage for chatting or business purposes, You can choose to copy and paste the video link of YouTube website as a Gmail signature. This way the link of your video will reach everybody that you send mails to and it is but obvious that people will open up these links for sure.

2. Tie Up With Facebook Pages:-

You can even choose to make a tie up with some Facebook page that has got billions of likes with it with active users to post the link of your YouTube video with every status and picture that it posts. This way the users of that page will regularly come across the link of video uploaded by you and your views will get increased this way.

3. Sharing On Google +:-

You can even manage to share the video link directly on Google + or even Facebook or twitter or any other social networking website so as to let people come across it and get views for it. It acts as a marketing for your video that brings people in contact with the link and when they watch out the video, Your YouTube views get increased.

4. Sharing In Groups:-

If you are an active member of some Facebook or Google or Whatsapp group, you can manage to post the link of your video in these groups in order to make people aware about your video doing marketing for it to get views for the video uploaded by you on YouTube and it is but obvious that If somebody amongst them likes it, He or she will share it for sure and this way, the marketing will keep on increasing for your YouTube video to get views.

5. Brief Description:-

Besides doing marketing for your YouTube video, You are advised to mention everything about the video in a catchy way. Tag people in this video and make your description attractive enough to let people get compelled to watch it.

6. Tag People With No Privacy On It:-

If you are planning to post the video on some group or some Facebook or Google plus profile, I will advise you to remove your privacy from this post as it will make the friends of your friends be able to see the link and this way even they will be able to see the video and increase the views of it.


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