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6 Steps to Get Fat in a Week for Man Naturally

How to Get Fat in a Week


Some people stay slim even with growing age and some look like there is no body mass but single bone in them. These type of people may need to get fat somehow so as to save themselves from the comments that people pass on them. If people have started calling you a matchstick, it is high time to put on some fats and show people that even you can make some body growth. In this article thus we have come with some tips for you to increase it in a better way.

6 Steps to Get Fat in a Week for Man Naturally - HowFlux

How to Get Fat in a Week for Man Naturally

1. Add To The Calories Intake:-

The very first thing that you can do in order to put on some fats and that too in a week is to add some extra calories to your diet. Simply look for the existing calories that you take in your diet and double them up. You are sure to see some changes in yourself within a week.

2. Take Some Health Supplements:-

You can even choose to take some Vitamin, Mineral or even some dietary health supplement in order to achieve this step. You can choose to go for a protein based diet as proteins are said to be the basic building blocks of gaining body strength and achieve a growth of muscles as well.

3. Oily Prepared Food:-

You can even choose to add some fat based or oil rich diet in order to increase your fats intake. Add things like edible oils and ghee etc. to your diet In order to go for this step. The fat based oils and ghee can really make you go fatty and that too within a week.

4. No Snacks and Meals Instead:-

If you have a habit to eat snacks within the day and take frequent meals, I would like you to go reverse of it. Take no snacks in your diet and instead take bulky diets and meals instead. This can make you go fatty within next seven days easily. Those who think they can choose to go for a junk food or processed food item in order to achieve this step get a disadvantage here as it may make you go fatty but will bring much health problems for you as well.

5. Nutrient Dense and Rich Food:-

You can choose to go for a nutrient dense and rich food in order to add fats to your diet. A nutrient dense diet can help you add bulk to your diet and gain health as well. You can choose to go for rich diet that makes you achieve the desired growth as well.

6. Less Exercise And More Leisure:-

If you are on a workout or exercising schedule, It is much likely that you will get most of the fats go burnt with time and thus I will advise you to not let the existing fats go burnt and instead at more fats so as to add to the fats intake in your meals. More the fat gets accumulated, More it takes time to get it burnt and thus you get even much fatty with time.


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