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How to Get Dimples on Your Face

How to Get Dimples on Your Face


A dimple can be described as a facial expression which forms on your face when you try to smile. It is basically a kind of natural indentation in the flesh on a part of the human body which is seen particularly with your cheeks or on the chin. Guys and girls both look cute when they experience dimples. Bollywood heroines like Pretty Zinta are known for their dimples only.  A dimple is basically a small line on your chin or cheek that describes that you are happy even when you don’t have the intentions to show it. People really look cute when they have dimples and in order to get dimples on your face, you can bring about the following tips in use:-

How to Get Dimples on Your Face

How to Get Dimples on Your Face

1. It is basically An Action of Genes:-

Dimples mostly occur because of the action of genes. If you want to have natural dimples on your face, you can talk to your family health specialist about the approaches available. He can give you the best advice about how you can bring about this change in your body.

2. Practice with Cheek Muscles:-

In my view, the best way to gain dimples on your cheeks and chin is to practice the movement of cheek and chin muscles. Just try to contract and expand your cheek muscles while standing in front of the mirror and you will soon find that you are able to create dimples that last for some time on your cheeks. Whenever you laugh or smile, follow the same approach and people will start thinking that you have natural dimples.

3. Crease the Lips and Suck in the Cheeks:-

When dimples occur to any person, it appears that cheeks have got sucked in a bit. You can thus try to suck in the cheeks while creasing the lips in order to generate a feel like you have dimples. Adopt this approach permanently and after some time, the dimple will itself start appearing at that place when you smile.

4. Sometimes Even Hereditary:-

Having dimples is sometimes even hereditary. I know dimples are not like Queen Victoria’s disease which will only take place with the members of a specific family but instead I am speaking it true. If your mother had dimples in her cheeks, you are also likely to have dimpled cheeks when you grow up.

5. Undergo a Surgery:-

There is also a provision for surgical procedure in this direction as well. Just reach a surgeon of skin and ask him about the available surgical options to create artificial dimples on the face. A minor surgery will be made and he will make you gain dimples that everybody notices when you smile.

6. Follow Cheek and Chin Based Exercises:-

We are never in a support of surgical dimples as anything natural is always natural. In order to gain dimples in a natural way, make it a part of your exercise that you will follow cheek and chin based exercises in your schedule. Once you add these exercises in your schedule, the time is not far when you will have dimpled cheeks and chin.


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