6 Proven Ways to Get Diesel Smell Out of Clothes Easily

6 Proven Ways to Get Diesel Smell Out of Clothes Easily

ways to get diesel smell out of clothes


Diesel is a fuel that we use in our vehicles like motor cycles and cars etc. It is also bought in use for running the generators as it is cheaper than petrol. When because of some unfortunate taking place some diesel falls off on your clothes or if there was some tough stain that you were trying to get rid off from making application of diesel spraying it on the stain on your clothes, there would be a smell that diesel will leave on your clothes even after it gets dried and in order to get rid of that smell, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

ways to get diesel smell out of clothes

How to Get Diesel Smell Out of Clothes

1. Keep Them Soaked In Water for a While:-

First of all, take the clothes and put them in water. The habit with most of the oils is that they float over water and if there is diesel in clothes that has not get dried or evaporated, this will make it come upwards and start floating over water. Drain off this water and then take the clothes out.

2. Wash Them Up In Detergent:-

Now when the water has been drained and clothes have been taken out of water, you have to fill another bucket with water and you have to add detergent to this water putting the clothes in it keeping them dipped inside detergent for half an hour and then you have to wash out the clothes using brush so as to wipe off if any stains are there. Drain the clothes again in clean water.

3. Put them under the Sun for Some Sun Rays to fall:-

After the clothes have been cleaned with detergent, you should take them to the roof to make them get dried under the sun spreading them on some wire tied over the roof under the sun. There is another property of petrol and diesel that they get evaporated when exposed to sun and thus if there would be any amount of diesel left in the clothes, it would get evaporated like this.

4. Iron Them Properly After Washing:-

Now after the clothes get perfectly dried, bring them downward to your room spreading an ironing sheet over the ironing table and iron these clothes properly so as to evaporate every single trace of diesel left in the clothes.

5. Let Some Good Deodorizer To Be Sprayed On The Clothes:-

Now there is no part of diesel left in your clothes and if you still feel a smell of diesel coming out of the clothes, you may choose to go for spraying some good deodorizer or scent over the clothes so as to make the clothes get rid of smell.

6. If Not In First Wash, Sure To Go With Second Wash Adding Lemon Juice In It:-

If the diesel effect has not gone completely in the first wash, it is sure to go with the second wash for sure and thus you may choose to go for repeating the entire approach again if you still feel some effect of diesel to be persisting with the clothes.