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5 Ways to Get Beautiful Blonde Hair

ways to get beautiful blonde hair


A blond is someone whose hair is fair. Such a person has a hair color characterized by low levels of dark pigment eumelanin. This imparts yellowish brown color to such a person and we start calling him/her a blonde. We look quite fascinating and charming when we have brown hair and thus one is likely to seek methods to have blonde hair style. Blonde is one of the coolest hair styles in trend and thus most of women models and male models seek for the approaches to turn up their hair style in a blonde hair style. Here are some ways in which you can do so:-

ways to get beautiful blonde hair

5 Ways to Get Beautiful Blonde Hair

1. Get the Perfect Bleach for Your Hair:-

If there is a cosmetics/chemist store in your area, just reach that shop and ask them to give you ammonia free bleach for getting blonde hair color. Never chose a local brand and instead chose only a product which is known by its name in the market. Local brands can be purchased at cheaper prices, but often they come with side effects and thus should not be purchased at all.

2. Keep the Color Stick to the Shade you want:-

If you need a perfect brown shade of hair color, just ask them for a brown hair coloring substitute/ bleach. If you wish to add a kind of yellowness in your hair color, just ask them about a yellowish brown shade. The color can be different with each product and each shade that you purchase from the market.

3. Virgin Hairs Are Always Better:-

According to the owner of touch and glow beauty parlor chains, virgin hair are always better to be colored or bleached in order to make them get a blonde kind of look. If instead you wish for a perfectly brownish shade, you can try henna instead of bleach of hair color. Besides this, the choice of your applying device (Brush) also matters a lot.

4. Seek for an Appointment from Beauty Parlor:-

We had a long talk with the owner of touch and glow beauty parlor chains. She also acclaimed that most of the women who reach her parlor with beauty problems complaint that they met a hazard while applying hair color and thus their hair got spoiled. If you do not know which product suits your hair or how to apply blonde hair color/bleach on your hair, you should reach the beauty parlor for getting the coloring treatment made as they often keep on dealing with such issues and all kinds of skin tones. So they have a better estimate of the color that will suit your hair.

5. Permanent Hair Color Treatments:-

Permanent hair color treatments are also available in the market these days. If you feel confused whether blonde hair look will suit your face or not, you can use a blonde hair style wig on your head instead of getting the hair color or bleach made. Besides this, you should go for a hair treatment only when you are confirmed that a specific hair style will surely suit you.


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